"At what stage of my software development do I need project consulting and what kind of consulting should it be?"

While you may need consulting from 3rd party experts at any stage of your software development cycle, it is critical to make sure everything is planned and defined properly before you actually start your project.

We conduct interactive App Strategy Workshops to help you:

  • assess your digital strategy
  • set your project objectives and priorities
  • plan your software development cycle and determine critical milestones and expectations
  • develop a proactive issues resolution strategy
  • structure your software development team and distribute roles and responsibilities within your team in a proper way

Use our expeditious time-to-market comprehensive workshop to define your mobile or software development project needs and create a robust, clickable prototype for budget approval and/or target audience feedback.

Intersog Workshop is a one-on-one session that aims to align your business strategy with your digital, mobile, content and analytics strategies to formulate the application functionality.

As we evaluate your digital strategy, we take into consideration the following KPIs to ensure your bottom line savings: net income, net profit, operating expense ratio, service level fulfillment, lower on hand inventory while meeting SLA’s, shorter supply chain cycle, time to market, revenue per employee, employee tenure, training ROI, systems uptime, Six sigma level, and digitized asset management.


Quick response

Within just 2 or 3 days

Seamless handover

Critical business case understanding

Accurate scope

Shared and accurate vision of your app’s functionality

Scheduled deliverables

Upfront sparring and deliverables plan

Intersog Workshop includes digging into the following facets of the project:

  • Defined project goals addressing an existing business objective or challenge
  • Specific measurable outcomes - KPIs
  • A detailed functionality specification document and project scope
  • Primary use cases and Comprehensive proposal estimate
  • Process overview, timeline, major deliverables
  • Cost estimation

The ultimate result we promise to deliver is a clickable prototype of your web or mobile product!

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