Do you need to future-proof your application to collect target audience feedback or get buy-in from investors / corporate leadership?
Or do you want to check your future app’s look-and-feel before writing a single line of code? We can help you create your mobile application prototype to help you better assess your project idea feasibility and get buy-in and software development budget approval by your leadership! In many cases, prototyping a robust enterprise solution may cost you hundreds thousands of dollars! Due to our solid nearshore / offshore footprint, we're able to save you up to 50% of your prototype development spending as compared to onshore / in-house development! And we never compromise with quality of our delivery! We offer unique Workshop To Prototype service that results in a clickable prototype of your mobile solution as well as a detailed Application Development specification tailored specifically to your product, user needs and challenges, and based on your industry best practices!

Prototyping at Intersog

Application prototyping is a simulation of your final mobile product that allows you to answer specific questions and/or check your app’s UI design and attractiveness to users before fundraising or making an investment into the actual product development.
Since application development is a very expensive process, you need to be 100% sure your future app will really rock in the market to provide both an appropriate ROI and long-term profits for your company. Using our application prototyping services will help you determine whether your app idea is really viable or is yet too raw and needs a revision or a major overhaul.
Mobile App Prototyping

Why Prototype Your Mobile App Before Building It?

What Do We Need From You To Deliver Your Mobile App Prototype?

Our Prototyping Process Is Divided Into 3 Main Steps:

[preview]Our prototyping process[/preview]

1. Ideation and App Concept

At the product ideation stage, we review all provided documentation and create different use cases and app performance scenarios. We analyze your app concept by using interaction diagrams and high-level screen flows. This helps us define your future app’s UI/UX design.

2. Mockups and Storyboard

At this stage we visualize your future app screens by means of wireframes and mockups. Then, we assemble all of the mockups into a functional storyboard that can be deployed to any mobile gadget as a prototype right away.

3. Technology Constraints

Here we define your future app’s architecture based on mobility standards and considerations as well as infrastructure and deployment.