Application Prototyping

Do you need to future-proof your application to collect target audience feedback or get buy-in from investors / corporate leadership?

Or do you want to check your future app’s look-and-feel before writing a single line of code?

We can help you create your mobile application prototype to help you better assess your project idea feasibility and get buy-in and software development budget approval by your leadership!

In many cases, prototyping a robust enterprise solution may cost you hundreds thousands of dollars! Due to our solid nearshore / offshore footprint, we're able to save you up to 50% of your prototype development spending as compared to onshore / in-house development! And we never compromise with quality of our delivery!

We offer unique Workshop To Prototype service that results in a clickable prototype of your mobile solution as well as a detailed Application Development specification tailored specifically to your product, user needs and challenges, and based on your industry best practices!

Mobile App Prototyping

Why Prototype Your Mobile App Before Building It?

  • Find out if there is a need for your app within a given user group and if it has what it takes to achieve your business goals and customer loyalty;
  • Explore features, design and Calls to Action before developing your final application concept;
  • Check early if your database design works well, and what app performance bottlenecks and implementation issues may arise;
  • Better pitch your app idea to investors / publishers;
  • Get wireframes to better communicate your app’s structure, content, data hierarchy, functionality and performance to your in-house or remote mobile development team / service provider.

What Do We Need From You To Deliver Your Mobile App Prototype?

  • Detailed app concept and vision;
  • Any draft sketches you have;
  • A list of mandatory and optional features and characters;
  • All specific wishes you may have for your future app;
  • Technical requirements spec (if you have any; if you don’t have it - no worries, we’ll be happy to help you create one from scratch).

Our Prototyping Process Is Divided Into 3 Main Steps:

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