How To Increase Your Online Sales By 20 Percent

For the 6th consecutive year Kyiv has recently hosted iForum, the country's biggest conference dedicated to Internet and high tech solutions. One of the speakers featured in this year's event was Head of Online Payments at Wargaming, creator of the legendary World of Tanks. In his keynote he explained how the optimization of certain web store components might increase online sales by at least 20%, and also shared the three rules that any online store must follow in order to succeed in e-tailing.

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Here's the summary of his iForum speech.

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It is expected that online payments will account for over 90% of the whole retail market in the EU and the United States by the end of 2014. Having conducted a few experiments with their web stores, Wargaming came to the conclusion that 20% of revenues from online sales would depend directly on the web store's UI and UX design.

That's what makes any online sale a success:

Now let's take a closer look at the latter:

And here're the three simple rules that any web store owner should obey to increase sales and brand loyalty.

  1. Make UI / UX design of your payment page just perfect!

A payment page is an important element in your online sales cycle, so it should have the same look and feel as your main website, should load fast and provide seamless check-out experiences to your customers.

2. Visualize the payment steps for your user!

Remember - customers are your key business stakeholders and success drivers, and they want and should know how exactly the payment is processed and whether it's really safe enough. As such, restrict a number of payment steps required to 3 only, even if you need one more page for a promo code or anything else - let it happen in step #3, not step# 4! Make each step dynamic or animated so that your users won't be bored while awaiting their payment completion.

3. Never overload your contact or registration forms with many fields!

Each extra field will only decrease your conversions. Make sure you use effective website user visitor tracking systems and never ask registered users for information they've already provided before.

For your information, Wargaming made $372 million with its World of Tanks in 2013 and now ranks 4th globally by revenues from micro transactions, having left such gaming monsters as Counter Strike, World of Warcraft and Lineage behind.

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