Are you looking to mobilize your online store to keep up with current mobility trends and stay ahead of the curve?
With the global mobile commerce market exceeding $204 billion, you just cannot afford to miss the opportunity and not provide your customers with a mobile solution that would be easy to use and pay with! At Intersog, we know how to fill in a steep gap between mobile browsing and buying. Having developed white label mobile commerce apps for some of the leading retail stores, we have built a strong expertise for creating apps to make your customer experiences with mobile buying as simple and smooth as possible!

Why should you bring your webstore to the mobile space now while mobile commerce still accounts for only 1% of the global commerce transactions?

Users want to browse your product catalogues and try clothes on in digital fitting rooms while using their smartphones and gadgets wherever they want. And they don’t want to give a call and tell their credit card number to an operator any more! Still need more arguments? Apple entered into the world of mobile payments with their iPhone 6 last year! And it is the millennials that are already dictating the agenda when it comes to online spending. With this in mind, can you dismiss the impact of going mobile? As the majority of online shops are still not optimized for mobile, you have a great chance to gain a strong competitive advantage by launching apps enabled for one-touch buying, interactivity and ease of use.

Digital Wallets

Mobile apps with back-end allowing your customers to buy things directly from their mobile device without having to fumble for their credit cards at all and, thus, eliminating the risk of sharing their sensitive finance information with merchants.
We provide back-end integration of mobile wallets into your existing mobile app. We work with all types of mobile wallets including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Wallet, eWallet, PayPal and many others.

What kind of mobile retail solutions can we develop for you?

At Intersog, we have sufficient expertise and resources to solve most of your mobility issues and help you build from scratch or reinforce your go-mobile strategy with professional solutions. We can develop any type of mobile commerce solution for you and your end users, from mobile retail sites to digital wallets to virtual fitting rooms to interactive 3D catalogues. Want to see it for yourself? Check out our eCommerce Apps Portfolio or ask us for more client references!