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Software Development Blogs
Software Development Time Estimation: 13 Best Practices

Software Development Blogs
Microservice Architecture: Is it All Just Hype or Something More?

Software Development Blogs
How to Architect Apps to Ensure They're Easy to Monitor During Production

Software Development Blogs
Will Progressive Web Apps Ever Replace Native Mobile Apps?

Software Development Blogs
Key Enterprise App Development Issues And How To Tackle Them

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How To Deliver Honest, Accurate and Precise Software Project Estimates

Don't you agree that fast software project estimation is like fast food: cheap and harmful, yet inevitable when there're no other options around? Did you ever have to estimate...

Elixir vs Go vs Firebase for Mobile Backend Development: Which Is Better?

The best programming language or platform for mobile backend development depends on the application itself. This is because different languages can be used to achieve different...

Five Recommended Tools for Penetration Testing

The success of any newly released software and web applications heavily depends on the software testing lifecycle. These include various processes and procedures that check...

Why Your Code Should Be More Than Just Good Enough, Actually Close To Perfect

Have you ever seen a perfect code in your entire life? What's a perfect code indeed? While many scholars and software evangelists are trying to answer this question in terms of...

What’s All the Fuss About Kotlin?

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Kotlin for a couple of months, although it has been around for quite some time. In fact, the project started in 2010 and was open source...

Measuring Productivity in Software Development: 7 Best Practices

In today’s business environment, you have to be agile to dynamically adjust and adapt to business intelligence and enhance productivity. The same philosophy applies to software...

Top 10 Algorithmic Principles Every Software Engineer Should Understand

Memorizing algorithms isn’t something that can be accomplished easily as software code can be infinite. Furthermore, there is no real benefit to doing it. What’s important for...