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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions: To Customize or To Build From Scratch?

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Choosing the Right Framework For Software Project: VueJS vs ReactJS

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No More an IP Destroyer: Five Trends in Open Source Cloud Computing

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Python Application Development: Common Use Cases and Project Examples

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Are Boutique Providers the Future of Onshore IT Outsourcing?

For many years, the lines between outsourcing and offshoring were quite blurred, but not anymore. This might come as a surprise as outsourcing usually meant shipping off IT...

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What Makes Ruby on Rails Cool and Indispensable For Web Development

Ruby on Rails was first released way back in July 2004 as an open source web application framework written in the Ruby programming language. But it didn’t really take off until...

Cost of IoT Application Development

While every CEO seems to have bought in development and deployment of the IoT enabled mobile applications these days, the cost of IoT app development remains a burning question,...

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Mobile Application In 2017?

Cost of application development is probably the most burning question (well, one of several burning ones along with where to get talent?) for anyone looking to bring their...