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Using .NET only Tech Stack for MVP: Pros & Cons

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How to Take Over an Existing Software Project the Right Way

Coming in halfway through the development cycle and taking over an existing software development project can quickly turn into a cumbersome task. This is primarily because it’s...

No One Likes Getting Up At 3 AM To Fix Bugs, Or How To Be a Better Developer

In his 20+ years of writing professional software and overseeing software development processes as CTO and Silicon Valley advisor, our Chief Scientist Rob Grzywinski has learned...

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions: To Customize or To Build From Scratch?

Prepackaged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are a popular choice among many IT managers and business executives. For some, it will also work out to be an ideal...

Five Tips For Designing Compelling Data-Driven Experiences

We now live in a smart world that is increasingly driven by big data. So it’s no surprise that data-driven apps are starting to make an impact in the marketplace. Some...

Choosing the Right Framework For Software Project: VueJS vs ReactJS

The ability to choose the right framework for software development comes with experience. When there are some doubts, the natural reaction would be to go ahead and Google it....

No More an IP Destroyer: Five Trends in Open Source Cloud Computing

Over the last few years, open source has grown into an intrinsic part of a developer’s journey. You can say that this phenomenon is being driven by the wisdom and power of the...

Python Application Development: Common Use Cases and Project Examples

If we go to Python's official site, we'll find the following definition of this programming language that's been around for nearly 25 years but has started gaining traction...