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Growth of Mobile Gambling and Subscriptions: 2010 - 2019

Software Development Blogs
Code Review Checklist Infographic

Software Development Blogs
Smartwatch App Developer Guide: What You Should Know

Software Development Blogs
How Not To Fail UI/UX Design Crash Course at British School of Art and Design

Software Development Blogs
Healthcare IT Outsourcing Shows Signs of Revival, Since 2011

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IT Salaries in Ukraine as of December 2014

Ukraine's largest online community of software developers, DOU has recently published the results of their 2014 Ukrainian IT Salaries Research and we traditionally provide the...

Programming Languages Ranking: January 2015 vs January 2014

We traditionally publish our year-on-year comparison of programming languages ranking to see how software development landscape changes over time. As usual, RedMonk research helps...

[Intersog Partner News] To Boost Online Shopping in Germany

We're happy to congratulate our former client on a huge milestone achieved - 4 year-old Germany’s equivalent of closed a €45 million ($52 million)...

Five Killers of Effective A/B Split Testing

So you've decided to check your new UI/UX solution with A/B split testing? That's a very good idea! Yet, the sequence of A/B test actions is normally as follows: you create 2...

Mobile Development Digest #1: User Interface

Hi there! We're launching our weekly Mobile Development Digest - a compilation of links to resources essential for successful mobile development. Our Digest #1 touches upon the...

2015 Mobile Tech Trends

The perception of mobile technology and its abundant application is all the rage. It is a profoundly innovative and evolving constant in our most important interface – the...

Game Content For Indie Developers And Small Game Dev Teams

Any game requires a lot of content, but creating graphics, music, 2D / 3D models and other elements can be too expensive and time consuming for indie studios and/or small game...