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Google Glass: Improving Medicine and Our Health

Have you had a chance to wear Google Glass yet? The Google Glass Explorer program was discontinued in January, but there’s still hope for its future. One way this wearable is...

Has Swift Really Changed iOS App Development?

Swift has been around for about seven months now and its upward mobility doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. We found it cool and fast while lacking Swift best...

Challenges You'll Probably Face When Building Apps For Wearables

New wearable apps developers might be surprised of the shift they need to make before designing their next solution. Intuitive interfaces and usability for wearables are...

Top 5 Groundbreaking Mobile Health Solutions As of Today

2015 seems to be full of opportunities in such digital health areas as telemedicine and connected health—needs of healthcare stakeholders are expansive, the specialties are...

What It Feels Like To Test Apps Dev For Apple Watch In Apple Campus

The Apple Watch hit the streets last Friday, but we are still in the dark about how well they are selling. Although Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook used words like “unprecedented” and...

React Native - A Really Huge Shift In How We Write Native Apps?

Last month, Facebook open-sourced React Native, a library for building native iOS and Android apps in JavaScript and React.js with the promise that every mobile platform users...

Making a Killer App for Apple Watch: Challenges and Opportunities

Apple revolutionized the mobile phone industry with the introduction of the iPhone. Apps revolutionized how people interacted both online and offline creating a new industry just...