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Warehouse Automation Trends that are Re-shaping the Landscape of Supply Chain Management

The supply chain industry is quickly becoming the breeding ground for some of the most modern technological advancements of this century and can be characterized as a...

Quarantine is a Catalyst for Growth in Outsourcing Game Development Projects

COVID-19 has launched an unexpected turn of events for many people across the globe that has ravaged some industries and exploded growth in others. The Center for Disease...

Unleashing the power of intelligent automation in eCommerce AI projects

The leap in eCommerce acceleration is continuing to grow by 23% year-over-year, and has been brought about by cutting-edge web, supply chain, and mobile technologies. People can...

E-Commerce, Coronavirus, and the Rise of Technology

Even before the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and its related panic buying and lockdowns, e-commerce had asserted control on international trade. A 2019 report by CNBC...