Make Your Users Happy with Your Product

Four Ways to Make Your Users Happy with Your Product

The relationship you have with your users is essential in building a stable business. Once you complete all the stages of creating a product, it’s all about the individual approach and exceptional customer service. That’s why companies are finally starting to invest in building a unique relationship between them and their users. This way, the targeted users won’t flee to the competition....
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Python developers in Chicago

Some Cool Things You Can Do With Python

Python has taken over the developing space. In fact, it’s everywhere.
ux design

UX Design Triggers to Capture Users and Improve Sales

Can you guess a way to a successful design of your web or mobile product? One that will help you get much bang for the buck when marketing your site or app to end users?
estimate project development in Chicago

How to Estimate Software Development Project In Man-Hours Realistically

For many custom development service providers calculating man-hours required to complete a software development project is a rocket science and a huge pain in the neck. As a rule, rough man-hour estimations that clients receive from developers is a far cry from the actually spent hours, which results in overheads and unhappy clients who don't trust their provider and believe they add up hours to make more money from their project. In fact, that's not true in most of cases! Today, we're facing a tough competition for price points and software development providers rarely blow up client's budget in order to win and retain them.
Fitness Bracelets and Activity Trackers

How Wearables Work: Fitness Bracelets and Activity Trackers

Wearable gadgets have flown into our everyday life in the recent months and, despite many expert predictions that 2014 will not become the year of wearables, it's clear as day that wearable technology is here to stay forever. Smart fitness bracelets, smart watches and smart glasses are going mainstream gradually yet confidently, and will inevitably become commodity products soon just like smartphones and tablets.

NewsCastic: Intersog Becomes Web and Mobile Development Partner for Ski Nation, Inc

NewsCastic picks up our press release announcing app development partnership with Ski Nation, Inc.

[Infographic] Big Data Trends To Expect In 2020

Experts predict that in 5 years from now we'll have 4 billion connected people globally, over 25 billion  embedded and intelligent systems, 50 trillion Gb of data and over 25 million apps based on predictive analytics and deep learning. Overall, Big Data promises to create a $4 trillion revenue opportunity by 2020.

Building a Dedicated Team for Your Product

Are you struggling to find a valuable and trusted IT team for your product development project?  Well, we are aware of all the issues you might be facing. In such a...

Computer Discount Warehouse

Client Goal CDW is a leading provider of technology products and services for businesses, government and education. Following the recent...

Salus Telehealth

Client Goal Video Medicine, Inc., founded by Dr. Charles Butler, is the world’s first mobile, free-market doctor network that is about...

University of Michigan - Transportation Research Institute

Project Description The University of Michigan was researching how to assist the State of Michigan’s Department of...

University of Chicago Medical Center

Client Goal The University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) wanted to create an easy-to-use software solution that...

Elite Staffing

Client Elite Staffing is redefining the concept of a temporary employment service by supplying  businesses, manufacturers,...

Michigan Catholic Conference

| Client The Michigan Catholic Conference (MCC) serves as the official voice of the Catholic Church...


The Client Our Client (under NDA) is one of the U.S. leading providers of innovative private insurance solutions for agriculture. The company was referred to Intersog...

ELD Firmware Integration

Client's Goal Our Client is a German multinational engineering and electronics...

Enterprise Cloud Gateway

The Client (under NDA) Our Client is a leading provider of data and application security solutions that protect business-critical information in the Cloud and...

Smart Health Monitor

Client Our Client (under NDA) is a US-headquartered manufacturer of smart solutions for heart health, weight, and blood pressure control....