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AI Trends To Dominate In The Mobile Industry

The penetration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evident in every single industry, starting from the entertainment industry to crucial advancements in the healthcare industry due to AI.

What is more, according to Statista, the AI market statistics show that AI technology worldwide is expected to reach up to 126 billion in 2025. And maybe it’s high time businesses took into consideration all the perks that AI can bring to their company.

Besides, when it comes to the introduction of strong AI in our everyday lives, we are experiencing AI-powered mobile devices and mobile apps. Now with the help of AI, our mobile phones are becoming our future-boxes of speech recognition and facial recognition. 

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Did you know that mobile AI is responsible for helping us make around 35,000 decisions per day? Considering the average amount of time that we spend on our mobile phones - up to 5 hours a day, it’s evident that we make most of our decisions with the help of AI through our mobile device. 

Nevertheless, you might be asking yourself, what are the latest AI trends incorporated in the mobile industry? Which ones will dominate soon? 

To answer your questions, in this article, we’ll help you find out all about machine learning and AI for android and iOS devices. Read on to check out which AI model is going to be the basis of building innovative solutions for the mobile industry.

AI integrated into mobile phones

Even though we might not be aware of it, AI is indeed integrated into every section of our mobile phones. Our phones are gathering data through various sensors - accelerometers, microphones, GPS, camera, etc. Then, this data is processed and used by artificial intelligence. So, what are the daily tasks that are undertaken by AI in our phones?

AI in phone cameras

AI is integrated into the camera of mobile devices. Every high-end smartphone relies on AI when the user is trying to snap a panorama or a selfie. AI helps adjust the photo, providing enhanced user experiences. Also, AI picks the right lenses when taking a photo, all according to the conditions and brightness. 

AI isn’t only helpful when taking photos, but it also uses its deep learning ability for facial recognition. Therefore, AI uses pictures from your camera to recognize your face, just so you can unlock your phone. And that’s something human intelligence can’t do, right?

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AI and virtual assistants

Natural language processing is evident in AI voice assistants that are an integral part of every smartphone. This is how voice search happens for all those who are busy typing.

Three most popular voice assistants are Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa. Thanks to the neural networks, AI comprehends human language even in noisy environments, making voice search and speech recognition possible.

Improved image search with AI

Artificial intelligence uses computer vision to detect objects and details on photos. Therefore, whenever there are some details in an image that need to be fixed, AI will find them faster and also cope with the issues easier than a human. For instance, red eyes on photos will be found and removed automatically. Also, AI can select your photos and place them in different photo albums on your smartphone by date or occasion, etc.

Daily operations 

Since AI stands behind Google’s search engine, daily searches are being remembered to enhance your overall user experience and predict further user behaviour. Also, whenever a search takes place, AI overtakes all the running apps behind the scenes, manages your battery as well as provides security.

AI trends that will transform the mobile app industry

The introduction of AI in the mobile industry is done to enhance the user experience while providing real time solutions to problems. So, in what ways is AI going to make a remarkable difference in mobile app development?

1. Cybersecurity

AI’s potential has been used to protect data and mobile devices from data breaches and hacker attacks. Therefore, multi-factor authentication that includes using different biometrical login information has been introduced to mobile phones.

Some of those include logins through retinas, palm and fingerprint scanning, etc. Despite the additional layer of protection that is introduced thanks to AI, there is a possibility for quick and alert detection of future potential threats.

2. Smart suggestions in retail

AI is all about personalization and to provide users a pleasant experience. With the help of AI smart algorithms, e-stores can provide useful recommendations for purchasing similar products. Based on the previous interactions and data from shoppers, AI offers them smart suggestions in e-retail. This is just one way of offering excellent customer service. 

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are the number 1 solution that mobile websites offer to their users. The continuing communication between chatbots and users is AI-based. The integration of chatbots within the mobile version of websites makes it easier for users to access the needed information, all thanks to AI.


When it comes to the introduction of artificial intelligence in daily tech that all of us use (mobile phones), we can have an insight into all the functions that we’re taking for granted. Even though some functions may seem just regular to us, all of them are supported by AI and machine learning.

What mobile AI revolves around lately is security and the utmost support within the user experience. To make it efficient, businesses should rely on all the features that AI provides and also grasp its potential for future ventures. 

So, our question is - Have you tried integrating AI within your website to appeal to your mobile users?

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