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7 Best Places to Hire Web developers

Learn where and how to hire the best web developers for your project with our comprehensive guide.

Finding and hiring the best web developers is not an easy task, and you need to put a fair share of attention and effort into this process as your whole digital representation depends on the quality of their performance. That is exactly why you would need a team of professional web developers who’d be able to create a website or a web application that reflects your vision and brand identity. Creating an IT product from scratch or even reworking an old one is a complex process that requires serious knowledge and skills on developers’ part, and you need to be sure that people you hire are up to the task. 

Having a website that complements the visual identity of your brand is essential for your success, and you have to be careful when choosing the right people for the job. The question of where to find freelance web developers or even full-time web developers becomes a pressing one if you consider that course of action. Today, we are going to help you navigate through the process of finding the right people for your project, give you the idea of where to find dedicated developers for your project, and give you a general evaluation of each route you could go. 

Why Hire Web Developers?

So, why would you go through the trouble of hiring web developers from the outside? Apart from being able to create a truly unique and personalized website that would match the visual identity of your business, dedicated developers can also benefit your business on a much broader scale. 

First and foremost, a trained and well-versed web developer can deliver tangible results much faster. You can save the time you’d spend retraining your employees and developing your web application with inexperienced developers by simply hiring people who actually know what they are doing. Experienced developers can get your project going much faster and deliver tangible results in a short span of time. 

The reduction of time spent on developing the web app directly translates into financial benefits. Launching your project in a short period of time means beating your competitors to market and gaining profit faster than they do. 

Additionally, a professionally crafted web application that reflects the identity of your brand will attract more customers. To retain the customers, though, you need to be sure your web app runs smoothly and without any crashes or delays. If you manage to create a superb user experience, your clients will visit your website, again and again, using solutions, ordering services, buying goods, or whatever product you offer.

How and Where to Find the Best Web Developers

In general, finding some web developers is not that much of a problem. With all the freelance platforms and social media, it is easy to find people who match your project’s requirements. To make your search faster and more effective, though, you need to understand what those requirements are exactly. With clear requirements, you can quickly find the right kind of developers, tell them precisely what you need, and observe their progress throughout the SDLC. 

But where do you go with all of your ideas and requirements to find the right people? Well, there are seven main options you have if you want to find the best-dedicated developers for your project.

Matchmaking Services

These are a kind of marketplaces where you can hire people for both short-term and long-term projects. The matchmaking services are great for hiring individual developers for your web application development project. The idea here is that you select the search criteria and match them with the professionals who have the skills and qualifications you need for your project. Once you’ve selected your search criteria, you’d be able to see all the relevant experts in your area of search. Some of the most popular matchmaking platforms are the Crew and, so you can go there to find some decent experts for your project.

Simply put, this is a brilliant way to find the people you need for the job you need to be done. Moreover, most of these services actually help you with interviewing and verifying the developers’ skills, so you do not have to spend too much time here. The recruitment, however, will require at least some involvement and attention on your part as you will have to pick the candidate who matches your requirements. The main benefit here is that the matchmaking service does most of the job for you. 

The downside here is that there are no guarantees that you’d find the people you need, especially when it comes to local searches for full-time in-house employment. You might be lucky, though, and find a perfect candidate for yourself, so you might give it a go if you need one or two specialized experts on your team.

Niche-Specific Communities

Like-minded people united by similar interests and skills tend to gather into communities, and these communities house great professionals in particular kinds of skills. There are many online communities, so if the question of where to find a web developer is a pressing one, you may refer to one of those online communities. People in these communities do not only share their experiences and try to stay in touch with the latest innovations in their area of expertise, they also look for the opportunities there. That is where you come in and offer those opportunities. If your offer is good and if you have an exciting project for the members of the community to hop onto, you are sure to have many candidates trying to apply.

It is easy to attract skilled professionals if you have a great offer for them, and if your project truly is exciting and you are ready to give your developers a decent payment for their job, you’ll find yourself in a good spot. The problem here is that these niche-specific communities are not exactly meant for hiring, so you or your recruiters will have to go through the painstaking process of attracting, filtering, interviewing, and assessing the skills of each developer, which might take months upon months. This is not ideal for any project as you will have to deal with massive delays in your software development life cycle (SDLC) while you look for the right people for the job. 

However, if you have a strong network of experts, it would be quite easy to find someone who is willing to hop on a new project. There are lots of developers out there looking for opportunities, and niche-specific communities can help you find such people. There, you can hire full-time developers or just contract them for the duration of your project.

On-Demand Marketplaces

If you have a demand for a certain type of developer, on-demand marketplaces might just be the right place for you to find expert web app developers. The name says it all – you post a thread with your requirements and the marketplace would match you with the experts who might suit your demands. Some of the better examples in this category are 99designs, Hatchwise, and as they provide more or less precise matching services. However, this does not mean that all of the potential candidates would match your specific requirements. 

These marketplaces function similarly to freelance platforms, but in most cases, people there seek permanent employment rather than one-time gigs. Depending on what you have in mind, you can hire people for different tasks to complement your team and help you see your project to fruition. The matching algorithms are not perfect though, so your recruiters will have to navigate through large numbers of irrelevant matches. And that is not the only issue here – your recruiters will also have to interview and assess each candidate before making their choice, which might take months. Keep that in mind, especially if you need things done fast.

Freelance Platforms

Freelance platforms, of which there are many, are large marketplaces where the clients and developers can connect and start a cooperation. To start with the most important thing you’ve got to keep in mind, there’s little to no control over how good those freelancers are, which means that many freelance platforms are populated by rookies trying to hop on literally any project just to add something to their portfolio. 

Another thing you need to know is that freelancers in general have a reputation for being quite unreliable. They can jump from one project to another or work on multiple projects simultaneously, which is bad news for you. This means that you would not have any guarantees for a long-term commitment but for any commitment whatsoever. 

There also are great freelancers out there, real experts who treat their clients with respect and take full responsibility for the work they do. The freelance platform might not be the best place to find web developers, but if you are careful and pay a fair share of attention to picking the right person, you may be so lucky as to find a real gem of a developer. Freelancers are best suited for short-term projects and non-essential tasks, so if you have anything of such sort on your mind, this might be a good option for you. 

Social Media Groups

Facebook, Reddit, and other social media might be a good resource for finding the candidates for your project. The problem here is that you will have to do all the search manually as there are no filters for professional skills, employment seekers, and other metrics that help you determine a good candidate. 

You can go to the social media communities of people who work in the IT industry and might be looking for some opportunities. There, you can post your offer and wait for the responses. Social media are not ideal for that task, but if you feel like running out of options, why not give it a shot?

Alternatively, you can use specialized social media like LinkedIn that function similarly to Facebook but are specifically tailored for professional networking. Just like looking for people you went to high school with, you can find dedicated web developers on LinkedIn using special filters that would allow you to hire both in-house and remote developers. After that, you can DM them with your offer and see where this conversation takes you. It might take some time, but you’d surely be able to find some good developers using professional and social networks like this.

Job Boards

This is a kind of old-school general-purpose hiring that allows you to find either freelancers or full-time employees for your projects. The job boards were rather popular before freelancing was even a thing, and people would look for all kinds of job opportunities via those. These websites gave businesses the chance to easily find and hire all kinds of experts, making it the best way for finding a good web developer back in the day. 

Modern websites such as GitHub, Smashing Magazine, or Authentic Jobs are basically job boards that give you access to decent quality professionals from all around the world. You can then get their CVs and ask for their portfolio to see whether their expertise matches your expectations. 

The job boards usually try to cut off inactive applicants or the applicants who no longer look for the job, so almost all the people you’d see there are actually looking for opportunities. As much as with the freelance platforms, you need to be careful when hiring people from the job boards. It is not always clear whether they fit your project. That is why you will have to go through the lengthy selection process. Overall, the job board is not the best place to hire web developers but it surely has its perks, so you should not dismiss that route entirely.

Web Development Outsourcing Companies

If you are looking for the very best place to outsource web development, specialized development companies are exactly what you need. The thing about software development companies is that they do just that – develop software, and the best part here is that they already have great developers on board. Here at Intersog, we leverage a talent pool of 250+ developers all of whom have been handpicked by our recruiters over the years. 

Hiring people from a software development company is a good idea because these companies usually house top-tier developers who can handle a wide variety of tasks. Additionally, these developers are full-time employees that are commissioned to your project by their employer, which gives you extra security and confidence in the continuous development cycle. Unlike freelancers who can basically do whatever they want and leave your project on a whim, professional software developers would not do such a thing. These guys are full-time employees bound by contractual obligations. And even in case some of the developers would leave the project, your vendor will have to find a replacement as soon as possible. 

The whole process looks like this: you approach a reliable vendor with a proven record of success, tell them how many web developers you need for your project, describe your requirements, and tell them what you are planning to achieve with your project, and they just give you the experts you need. This is a straightforward process in which you make an agreement with the service provider, rather than individual developers, which gives your cooperation an entirely new layer of confidence and credibility. 

How Intersog Helps You Hire Web Developers

Intersog is a software development company that has been around for over 15 years, and at this point, we have a massive talent pool of 250+ developers across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. With our help, you can hire any number of developers matching almost any kind of project. All you need to do is tell us what you have in mind and what your requirements are, and we will take it from there. If you need, let’s say, Python developers, we will give you Python developers, if you need JavaScript developers – no problem, we will get you some. Our developers leverage a wide variety of languages and frameworks to deliver spectacular results on projects of any complexity. 

The whole process begins with you contacting Intersog and describing your requirements to our representatives. If you have clear requirements for the project, it makes it much easier for us to form a scope of responsibilities for our team and each individual developer. With that out of the way, we then give you the best people for the job and let you choose among our best candidates. 

A brief side note here: our global presence allows us to hire people either onshore, nearshore, or offshore, which gives you a wide range of choices from our global talent pool. 

Once you’ve chosen developers for your project, they can get to work and make a solid contribution to your project. Depending on how many developers you hire, we can handle either certain tasks related to the project delivery or handle the entire SDLC on our own – that is up to you. So, if the question of where can I find a web developer is still a pressing one, you can just get in touch with Intersog and we will get you through it fast and without any headache.

Thanks to our vast experience in delivering software development services to clients across industries and continents, we know how to handle even the most complicated projects. We handpick each of our developers to give our clients the best quality of service possible and ensure superb results upon the project delivery.

Final Thoughts

As demonstrated, there are numerous places where you can go to hire web developers for your projects. Depending on your goals, you can go out there and find in-house full-time developers, freelancers for short-term projects and non-essential tasks, or an entire team of professional developers who’d handle your project from start to finish. The choice is yours and you need to make the right one in regards to your current situation, your goals, your budget, and your timeline. All of those factors would play a critical role here.

As an instance, let’s say you need some minor work done on your existing project, something a single developer would handle. In that case, you can just go for it and hire a freelancer. Just be sure to select a real professional. A good developer would be able to implement those minor changes in a short time, which would save you lots of headaches. Instead of headhunting and hiring a full-time developer, you’d just contract a single professional for a couple of weeks or months. 

In case you need a website or a web app made from scratch, the better option would be to hire an entire team of experts. That is where things get more complicated since it might be quite challenging and time-consuming to hire a whole team on your own. That is where Intersog comes in offering you seamless software talent staffing services. We can get you as many web developers as you need for your project in a matter of weeks so that you’d be able to kickstart your project ASAP and get tangible results fast.

Finding and hiring developers sure is a challenging task but it does not have to be that way. With our guide on the 7 best places to hire web developers, you can surely pick one or two options to go with, and if you want that process handled by real experts, you can just contact Intersog and get things done much faster. 

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