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TOP 5 IT functions to outsource in 2020

The global market of IT outsourcing services is anticipated to hit a $1.1 trillion mark in 2020, according to In the age of COVID-19, many more companies are now prioritizing their IT expenditures and improving time-to-market by means of delegating IT-related functions to third-party contractors. This approach allows them to hire professional dev teams while minimizing both recruitment costs and project risks.

We have identified the TOP 5 IT functions that companies are likely to outsource in 2020: Software Development, Cybersecurity, Web operations, UX/UI Design, and Automation/AI.

IT Functions Outsourcing Sneak Peek 2020


1. Software development: 25%

Nearly 50% of organizations will delegate software development and integration to trusted IT service providers like Intersog, since having their own in-house development teams is quite expensive. Their goal is to build custom software from scratch or improve existing solutions. Phyton, JavaScript, C++, Java, and PHP will keep their crown in 2020 as most trending languages in software development outsourcing.

2. Cybersecurity: 22%

Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, Education, and eCommerce are the biggest targets for cybercrime in 2020. About 42% of companies that deal with sensitive business, customer, and financial information will prefer outsourcing a variety of tasks such as security improvement, penetration testing, and network monitoring, to ensure protection against cybersecurity threats.

3. Web operations: 20%

Web operations team is responsible for deploying, managing, and maintaining web-based projects like corporate portals, SaaS applications, CRM systems, eCommerce solutions, and more. Approximately 67% of companies that run large and mission-critical web projects will choose to hire remote web developers and dedicated teams to support their web operations in 2020.

4. Automation and AI: 18%

AI-powered automation becomes a key differentiator in driving a company’s success in 2020 and further on. Nearly $9.3 billion U.S. dollars will be allocated to intelligent business process automation this year. In this context, we may expect that at least 48% of organizations will outsource this AI/automation function to trusted IT partners like Intersog that has over 14 years of experience in AI development and business automation.

5. UI/UX Design: 15%

About 63% of organizations, especially startups and small businesses, will work with remote graphics designers and UI/UX professionals to support their tech projects in 2020. Large companies will focus on hiring high-profile specialists for motion design and VR roles in eCommerce, manufacturing and healthcare projects.

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