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Programming Languages Ranking: January 2015 vs January 2014

We traditionally publish our year-on-year comparison of programming languages ranking to see how software development landscape changes over time. As usual, RedMonk research helps us see these changes.

Let’s see Top 20 Programming Languages as of January 2015 versus January 2014 to understand current coding trends and to better plan your entire software development strategy for 2015.

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As seen from the infographic above, the winners stay the same: JavaScript, Java and PHP. Python has improved its position by jumping 1 spot up and moving C# 1 spot down. C++ and Ruby have improved from 6th and 7th to share the 5th spot. CSS has gone 2 spots up, while C and Objective-C have lost 1 position each. The latter is explained with the meteoric growth of Swift, Apple’s new programming language. According to RedMonk, “Swift is a language that is going to be a lot more popular, and very soon.” So it seems reasonable to expect Swift to enter Top 20 Programming Languages during 2015.

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Sources: RedMonk, 2015; Intersog, 2014

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