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Software Development Blogs
Cross-Platform Development with PhoneGap: the Good and the Bad

Software Development Blogs
Online Casino Development Checklist

Software Development Blogs
Apple’s Swift – Real Career Changer for iOS Developers?

Software Development Blogs
How To Provide Premium In-Play Betting Experiences To Punters

Software Development Blogs
Ukraine Ranks #40 Among Top 100 Countries By Game Revenues

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Software Developer Salaries in Ukraine as of May and June 2014

The Ukrainian community of software developers was exploring salaries in the national IT and software exports markets in May and June 2014, and has just published their survey...

How I Visited Chicago: IRCE 2014, Willis Tower, Intersog and ComboApp Teambuilding

I’ve recently had a chance to visit Chicago, IL, and here’re my impressions of the city, IT event I attended, and my employer’s office in Willis Tower, Chicago’s tallest...

Ukraine Ranks 13th Globally By Science and Technology Capabilities

In the Good Country Index, a new study on countries' contributions to the "common good of humanity", Ukraine ranks 13th globally in Science and Technology category, staying...

Hunting for gamers: user acquisition trends in mobile gaming

No secret it’s getting more difficult to attract new gamers and develop truly profitable gaming apps these days. From year to year the number of game publishers shrinks, and...

How to increase user engagement with your app by improving personalization

A recent survey by Catalyst finds that 46% of smartphone users uninstall apps because they don’t use them any more. It’s a no-brainer to guess why people stop using apps:...

Five Wills of Gaming Industry in 2014

CONSOLES WILL TAKE OVER As traditional segments are losing more and more ground, home consoles are triumphing their way right into living rooms across the world. According to a...

What iOS Developers Think About Swift

If you're somehow involved in software development, you already know that Apple has created and introduced a new programming language for OS X and iOS apps development. It's...