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Chicago Tech Salary Guide

Are you planning a software development project in Chicago this year? We've just compiled Chicago Tech Salary Guide to give you a basic understanding of what budget you should keep in mind when planning your IT staffing. All salaries presented are gross and annual.

According to our research, a front end developer will cost you between $60K and $150K per annum depending on their competence and experience.

chicago salary frontend developer

Check our previous blog post to see what skills are essential for a good front end developer in 2015.

The typical range of backend developer's salary in Chicago is $50K - $115K. That's what you'll be paying for such skills as .NET, Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby/Rails, APIs and DevOps.

backend developer salary chicago

In 2015, mobile developers skilled in Objective-C, Swift, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Java, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, etc. will cost you between $60K and $180K per annum.


To drive your company's new software product development, you'll have to hire a product manager who'll be in charge of guiding and overseeing the whole development process from prototype to a ready-to-launch product. It's a high profile position that includes product strategy definition, assessments of technology, competitive landscape, industry standards and innovation, close collaboration with other company departments, and rollout personnel training. Anyway, be ready to allocate $70K to $150K in your annual budget for hiring such a specialist for your project team in Chicago.

chicago tech salaries 2015

Another important role you'll have to hire for your software development project is UX designer. In Chicago, salaries for this position range from $70K to $120K per year.

chicago IT salaries, ux designer chicago

Today's software innovation is based primarily on the Big Data and Internet of Things concepts, so in many cases you'll need a good data scientist for effective execution of your web or mobile development project. Data scientists are normally responsible for machine learning and probability methods, teasing out data patterns using software and technology, helping businesses better understand their consumers through analysis of corporate data and statistics, improvement of predictive ability of data, etc.

In Chicago, such specialists cost from $75K to $125K per annum.

That being said, keeping tech specialists in-house is a very expensive privilege today given you'll also have to invest in building an appropriate IT infrastructure to make it work. Therefore, transferring your software development to a professional service provider can 'save you an arm and a leg'. Washington-based IT research agency Clutch has been evaluating local providers of custom software development in Chicago for few years in a row and keeps updating their Leaders' Matrix on a regular basis. I encourage you to check it out to see the most up-to-date rates and customer reviews.

For your convenience we've created a complimentary  IT Team Cost Calculator that allows you to evaluate the potential cost of your IT talent. Check it out!

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