Take advantage of our Team Placement capabilities and save costs without compromising on product quality!

Whether you need to hire extra resources to augment your in-house software development team or build a dedicated Agile / Lean team to function as your standalone R&D unit remotely - we have people, proven project development methodologies and best practices to help you optimize budget, save costs, streamline development processes and do more for fewer investments!

Regardless of your preferred team placement location, we can fully staff and bring your team up to speed faster than any other local provider.

We source talent from an exclusive national and global pool of IT candidates readily available for local placement within the United States or telecommute from a remote location. The pool is updated with newly added resumes every day and is not seen elsewhere by local IT recruiters.

When Is It Best To Build Dedicated Software Teams?

What’s In It For You?

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There are no hidden agenda or overhead fees, as you pay for what you get. An added benefit is that you know the exact total monthly cost for your team, so you can plan and budget your software development projects efficiently. We let you fully manage your remote team and project execution! If you don't have PM resources in-house, we can provide / hire them to act as your site manager in a remote location.
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Years of experience have given us a clear understanding of what is needed to run a successful remote software development team, so you can use the standard setup we offer, or customize the infrastructure the same way as in your home office. You can also visit your team, as frequently as you wish.

We're flexible in offering onshore (within the USA), nearshore (in Canada) and offshore Agile Team Programs for your convenience and depending on your budget and desired timeframes for product delivery!


You can easily scale your team up or down as your software development needs or market conditions change. You can grow your team within 8 to 10 weeks, and dismiss your employee with just a 14 days notice.

Full IT, HR, and Finance Support

We'll cover all of your needs from candidate screening and interview support to making a hiring decision and onboarding your team staff to evaluating team performance and fixing issues!
Our management fee already includes all employee taxes, workstation setup and other expenses and is lower than the average recruitment fee charged by agencies in the USA!

Cost advantage

Due to elimination of overheads and hidden agenda, your team cost will eventually be lower than the cost of any time and material (T&M) project. We charge competitive prices for the quality of work we deliver!

The average cost for 3 senior team members located in Ukraine is around $15,000 a month; the cost for the same team located nearshore in Canada is around $21,000 a month. Each developer averages 5 years of application development.  We guarantee their skills and you swap resources with a two week's notice.

What's included in our Management Fee: