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13 Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Developers

You’ve heard about it, you know what it is, but what are the main advantages of a dedicated team model? See how dedicated teams can benefit your business in 13 ways.

Hiring a dedicated team of developers is a perfect solution for large-scale and long-term projects, which is why so many companies across the globe opt for this cooperation model. 

Here at Intersog, we offer a dedicated team model that accounts for the needs of each particular client. This approach has its perks, and today, we are going to take a look at its 13 advantages. Why the unlucky number? Well, we do not believe in luck; we believe in expertise. 


You may be willing to control all the aspects of your business, from the technology that drives your company and your project further to the product strategy. This means that you need more control over the development process so that you could rearrange your team and redirect its efforts at any given time. The level of flexibility offered by this cooperation model is quite rare.

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You cannot sit on two chairs at once, but a dedicated team kind of lets you do that. You can have your entire dedicated team working on the project autonomously while you handle other responsibilities. Of course, you can choose how much control you want but, in most cases, the teams consist of experts who can do their job on their own while you tend to other pressing matters.

More so, you can scale your dedicated team up and down depending on your changing needs without going through a tiresome process of hiring new talents. Just talk to your vendor, tell them how many and what kind of experts you need, and they will be ready at the nearest time. 

Focus on Business

With greater flexibility, you get more choices and more time on your hands. In case you partner with a good vendor who can give you a team of real experts, you do not need to worry about the project that much. Of course, you can be a hands-on manager who stays in touch with the team at all times, but you can also hire a custom software development team that already has a project manager who’d be able to handle all of those tasks for you.

Having a team that can work on its own most of the time leaves you with a great deal of time on your hands, the time you could spend on developing your business, generating new ideas, and focusing on other aspects of your company’s functioning. 


Hiring an external team of dedicated developers from a single vendor is much faster and cheaper than doing it yourself. A dedicated team only charges for the work assigned to them, so you don’t have to worry about any extra charges.

What’s more, whenever you hire a dedicated team from a good vendor, you can count on professionalism and efficiency. A team of real experts can do the job faster and better, which does not only save your time but also secures a large portion of your resources.

Access a Vast Talent Pool

If you are considering this option, it means you lack the right talents in-house. Well, the good news is that you can access a much larger talent pool if you partner with the right people. Intersog operates globally, all across the Americas, the Middle East, and Europe, and we operate a vast talent pool of developers, designers, and IT consulting experts. This means that we can help you hire a team of any size and with any tech stack.

One of the main benefits of hiring dedicated developers is that you are no longer limited to your local talent pool; you can now hire people from all across the globe and choose the world’s best experts to help you get your project going fast. You can hire any tech stack depending on your needs and project specs.


Working with real experts gives you a variety of advantages over your competitors. Even a small group of skilled professionals can do a much better job than a large team of rookies. Here at Intersog, we believe in quality over quantity and hire the industry’s best developers. There’s no reason to hire dozens of people who do not have the right experience and skills when you could hire a smaller number of experts who can do a better job. 

Global Outreach

Working with a dedicated team allows you to hire developers nearshore and offshore, and both options have their perks. The majority of companies headquartered in developed countries these days, tend to delegate their projects offshore to developing countries rich in IT talents. Basically, you can hire developers from any of the world’s top IT hubs and choose the one that suits you culturally, geographically, and financially.

Intersog is a global talent powerhouse headquartered in Chicago, USA, and operating across the Americas, the Middle East, and Europe providing clients all around the world with top IT talents, and we know exactly how important cultural and geographic matching might be. Some clients do not care much, but you might want to select a team of developers who are culturally close to your in-house team, and with a dedicated team model, you can do exactly that.

More Control

A dedicated team functions as an extension of your in-house team and virtually belongs to you throughout the project’s duration. You are in charge of the team, you manage its functioning, set the deadlines, working schedule, and all the other aspects of project delivery. Of course, you can hire project managers who will guide the team and make sure everything goes smoothly but if you wish, you can manage the team on your own and have full control over its performance.

You have choices, and choices mean freedom to do things the way that’s most comfortable and lucrative for you.

Fluent Cooperation

Whichever option you choose, whether to control your team or let your developers do their thing with less supervision, you know you are working with real professionals who are accustomed to such a cooperation model. The team can work as independently as you like, as long as you provide them with all the necessary information, they can adjust their approach, set the right priorities, lead the development process, and take responsibility for the final delivery.

Intersog strongly believes in independence and creative freedom but we also understand that you may need absolute control to achieve the results you seek. This can be done via regular meetings, messaging, and task management software. 

You can foster better communication between your in-house team and a remote team with brainstorming sessions that boost cooperation and mutual understanding among the developers. It can also help you generate some brilliant ideas that will achieve better results. Intersog allows you to sustain fluent communication with the remote team to maintain your unique vision and make sure the final product is up to your highest expectations.

Fast Kickoff

Whenever you start a project and hire a team on your own, you need to spend months and months of your precious time hiring people one by one. Hiring a whole team of developers, especially highly-skilled specialists, can take a long while but you can cut that process down to several weeks by contracting a dedicated team of developers from a vendor like Intersog. 

Here, we hire people 3-times faster than average and can get you a full large-size team in less than four weeks. We have a talent pool of 250+ developers, which allows us to quickly gather a team of any size and any tech stack to match your project goals and business objectives.

The second issue here is software and hardware requirements. If you hire a team, you will need to provide that team with a comfortable working environment, all the necessary equipment, and software. Let’s say you do not have any of that; now, you have to expand your office, buy new computers, install all the necessary software, and make all the preparation work to accommodate your new team.

With a dedicated team that works remotely, you don’t have to worry about any of that – they already have all the equipment and all the commodities to work comfortably and without any distractions. Intersog provides the developers with comfortable working conditions and all the necessary equipment to make sure they have all the means to deliver a superb product for you.

Maintaining the entire office of developers is a major investment, and with our help, you won’t have to incur additional spending. Our goal is to make things easier for you, and we truly deliver on that promise by lifting much of that redundant weight off your back.

Faster Development

Working with real professionals means getting tangible results faster. Experienced developers know exactly what to do to get your project going and deliver tangible success, they do not waste any time and get to work as soon as you approve the team composition. Partnering with a reliable vendor, you can count on hiring a whole team of true experts who can deliver spectacular results. Having the right skill set, proper equipment, and experience, a professional team of developers can work times faster without sacrificing the quality of the end product.

Full-Cycle Development

One of the main advantages of dedicated developers is that they can get your project from the ideation stage and all the way up to a functional product, and after the development stage is done, they will continue to support your product throughout its lifecycle. 

You can choose the scope of responsibilities for your dedicated team – they can simply pick up your ongoing project and continue working on it, they can improve upon your existing solutions like a mobile app or web platform, they develop a solution from scratch, and then maintain it's functioning for as long as you need. 

Superior Quality

It is commonplace that dedicated teams come with their own QA experts, which means that the developers will test your application regularly to ensure flawless code and perfect performance. Testing is paramount, especially when it comes to large-scale projects that involve the collaborative effort of many people. Even though nobody likes to admit it, there’s always some room for human mistakes; that is exactly why quality assurance has to be embedded in the development process.

You Get What You Pay For

Of course, top-shelf experts charge more but it is reasonable to pay more if you want your project to go smoothly and the final product to be truly awesome. Of course, the model allows you to save at least some of your budget, which is one of the inherent benefits of a dedicated team but you must understand that a professional team of developers is not that cheap to hire. Though you’ll surely be able to save up some money, do not set any unrealistic expectations.

Wrap Up

A dedicated team model can fit many projects, especially large-scale and long-term ones, which is why you might want to consider it for your next project. As you can already tell, the model offers a wide range of possibilities and advantages, and though it is not the most versatile model ever, it does have its merits depending on your situation. 

If you need more flexibility and control, want to save time and money, want fluent cooperation, look for the world’s top talents, Intersog can help you hire a dedicated team of developers that can get your project going fast.

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