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What Is a Dedicated Team Model?

Learn more about a dedicated team model and see whether it fits your project.

Dealing with a long-term project is never easy and there are many things you must consider before you even start. One of the main problems you would face straight away is how and where to find the right set of people to get your project going.

A dedicated development team model might just be the answer. This cooperation model gives you several benefits that are perfect for long-term projects. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at what is going on there and see why it is a model of choice for many businesses across different industries.

To put it simply, a dedicated team is a cooperation model between a client and a vendor in which the vendor provides the client with a team of professionals in accordance with the client’s requirements.

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In most cases, the team works remotely as an extension of the client’s own workforce, but there also are cases of dedicated teams working on-site for the duration of the project. There can be variations in the duration of the project, the size of a team, location, and organizational structure, but the basic premise is just that – an external team of IT professionals who work for your company as if they were your employees for a certain period of time. 

How Does It Work?

Let’s say you need to develop an iOS or Android application to sell your products or services for mobile audiences; naturally, you will need people who can not only code but also map out the development process, design compelling UI and UX, and support the application after the development stage is over.

Depending on the complexity of the mobile app, you’ll be looking at different timelines and a different number of people on the team, which is why you might also need consulting services to determine the true scope of the project.

The good news is that there are companies who can actually give you a full scope of services starting from IT consulting and ending with helping you gather a dedicated team for the project.

Best case scenario – you will partner with a vendor who will consult you on the best solutions for your unique project, help you gather a dedicated team, code and test the product, release the finished product to the market, and support it afterward.

Naturally, there are only so many vendors out there who can provide such a wide range of services to the client. Intersog can do all that – a full package of services that includes but never limits to helping you hire dedicated development teams.

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The Process Behind the Dedicated Team Model

There are several steps to this engagement model, and you do not need to worry about anything – a trusted IT services vendor like Intersog will guide you through all the steps and help you all along the way:

  • The client needs to outline their needs – what kind of product do you need? What purpose will it serve? What must it look like? The more ideas you have in store, the better.
  • A vendor assesses the client’s needs – a good vendor can start working on a project having at least some idea of what the product has to look like. At Intersog, all we need is just some basic idea as a backbone, and we can start working from thereon. 
  • Consulting – an expert team evaluates the project scope and comes up with an action plan. This will include the project timeline, dedicated team structure, and specs, including its size and skillset.
  • A vendor gathers a team – with a decent talent pool, a vendor can pull together a team of top experts who match your project’s specs. As our experience suggests, it is possible to gather a large team of developers in less than four weeks.
  • Full managerial control – the dedicated team now works for you, which means you are in charge. You have full control over the team, you define their duties, deadlines, responsibilities, and working schedule. Basically, each member of the team is now a part of your organization and works in accordance with your internal policies for the duration of the project.
  • Administration – there are some variations here; some vendors take care of the back office and some don’t. This might include anything from payroll management to corporate parties. Intersog takes care of all the back-office paperwork and administrative issues so you don’t have to. The goal of cooperation here is to lift as much headache off the client as possible, and we do exactly that.

Basically, that’s all you need to know about the process behind hiring a dedicated team of developers. Of course, each vendor will offer a different scope of services, but here at Intersog we opt for a full scope of IT services a client might need and help you hire a full team of developers who can get your project from start to finish.

When to Hire a Dedicated Team - The Checklist

Not all companies and projects need a dedicated team, which is why you must know exactly what you need a team for.

There are other engagement models that might suit your project, so here’s the checklist for picking your cooperation strategy.

Large Project

If you are looking at a large, multi-faceted project that involves a wide variety of tasks, your in-house team would not be able to handle it on their own. Of course, you will need to first determine the scale of the project, which is where you might require consulting services.

Long-term Project

Regardless of whether you are a long-standing business or a startup, you will inevitably launch new projects to achieve new objectives or overcome challenges. Some projects can be finished in a couple of months, some take years – if you are up for a long-term project that takes from half a year or more to finish, hiring a dedicated team is the way to go.

You Need Greater Agility

Long-term projects might change over time, your goals might change, your market might change too; and for that reason, you need a flexible development team. A dedicated project team structure accounts for the changing needs and objectives. Unlike your in-house team, you can rearrange the composition of your dedicated IT team, add new talents, and expand the tech stack in accordance with your changing requirements.

You Want Control

As said earlier, a dedicated team is basically your team you can manage as if they were your employees. You are the boss and you have full control over the project, the team, and the resources.

Hands-on Approach

Being in charge of the project and the dedicated team organization structure, you can track the progress, get daily updates, and evaluate the performance of each individual developer. You work with the team, which means you’ll know exactly what, how, and when they are doing.

Approaching any new project, you need to know exactly what you are up to, and if you know you are looking at a complex long-term project, a dedicated development team is the right choice. If you want more flexibility and control, this might also be a viable option for you. In a nutshell, these are the main things you need to consider before you choose to hire a dedicated team. 

Not sure what you need? Talk to our consultants.

Things to Consider

As always, there are certain limitations to the efficiency of this engagement model, and you must keep those limitations in mind. Depending on your goals, you might want to opt for team augmentation or other types of cooperation models. The limitations of the dedicated teams are:

  • Inefficient for short-term projects – hiring a large team of developers is not always a good idea, especially when only a handful of experts can do all the job. 
  • Hiring might take longer – again, large teams would take longer to gather and onboard. 
  • Higher price – hiring a large team of experts for a long-term project might be expensive, so you must keep the pricing in mind. 

How to Pick the Right People 

So, you’ve evaluated all the pros and cons and decided to hire a dedicated team. At this point, you need to know exactly how to pick the right partner for your project and how to select the proper team of experts to ensure the successful delivery of your project. 

Review the Portfolio

Each reputable custom software development company has an open portfolio anyone can review. The portfolio is meant to let potential clients know that a company has experience working on certain types of projects and has successfully delivered certain solutions to a number of clients already. You need to see the portfolio to grasp a basic idea of what that particular vendor can do for you. 

Check out Intersog’s extensive portfolio and see what we can do for you.

Request References or See Clients’ Reviews

Reach out to current or previous clients and ask for their impression of working with the vendor. You can approach them directly or go to rating platforms such as Clutch and see what people say about that company. 

See our page on Clutch and find what our clients say about Intersog.

Discuss Vendor’s Approach

Talk to the company’s representatives and ask them about their approach to work. What kind of development methodology they use, how fast do they hire, how many developers can they provide? All of these questions are essential for picking the right partner, and you need a reliable partner who can accommodate all of your needs.

Discuss the Pricing

Yes, you need to know how much the vendor charges so that you can estimate the project budget. Remember, cheaper options are usually not the best options, so you should keep that in mind. 

How We Run a Dedicated Team Model

Here at Intersog, we leverage 15 years of experience in IT consulting, development, and support across continents and industries as well as an impressive tech stack and a global talent pool of 250+ developers. With our expertise and vast outreach, we can guarantee fast and efficient recruiting. We employ the Agile cooperation model and adapt to the specific needs of each client. Each project is unique and certain details will vary from one client to another, which is why we adapt our approach to cover all of your unique requirements and help you achieve your goals.

Depending on your needs, we select just the right number of experts and structure their workload in such a way as to guarantee maximum efficiency. Obviously, you can participate in the recruitment process, review the CVs of each particular developer, see their individual portfolios, interview them, and decide who fits your team better. Intersog is a talent powerhouse that always puts quality over quantity in everything, be it hiring people or delivering top-notch software solutions. 

With our flexible approach, we can guarantee fast recruitment of a complete dedicated team, superb quality, efficient cooperation, strong partnership, and reasonable pricing. Our goal here is to drive global digital transformation and keep on doing a great job – that is our genuine desire and the main driver of our progress.

Wrap Up: Is Dedicated Team Right for Your Business?

As you can see, a dedicated team model is not that versatile and only suits large and long-term projects, which is why you must know what you are shooting for.

However, if you are indeed aiming at building something great and big, a dedicated team might just be your best choice. Each business decision needs to be informed, and if you are not sure what kind of project you have ahead of you, you might need consulting services to help you clear things up and see what kind of team you need. Intersog offers consulting services to help you define the scope of your project and define a potential cooperation model.

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