When it comes to healthcare, shared decision making is a practice that is yet to be explained to many, as we usually consider medical treatment as a unilateral decision made by doctors for their patients. However, as modern healthcare organizations and clinics realize the importance of letting patients have a say regarding own treatment (e.g., choice of therapy and medications, alternative treatment options, etc.), the concept of shared decision making is likely to catch on fast globally, even forcing some countries to change their healthcare legislation for better compliance.

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In the below video, Dr. Eiring Øystein and his patient Simone demonstrate how a patient decision aid tool we're currently building for Innlandet Hospital Trust and the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services can help patients make better decisions to improve own conditions and choose therapy and medications that would be tailored specifically to their lifestyles and values.

To get more insights into the available patient decision engines and shared decision making, please visit mybetterdecisions.org. Also read here how our DECIDE Treatment project was presented to the Norwegian authorities.

As hospitals in your country are trying to leverage mobile technology, how ready are they?

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