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Top 3 IoT and Security Trends for 2020

Nowadays due to the advance in technology, most of us are taking advantage of the latest IoT applications as well as using the power of artificial intelligence to easily perform everyday tasks. 

Nevertheless, the easy approach when it comes to connection and networks has made systems more vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Therefore, for big corporations, protecting personal data is one of the key concerns. For that reason, they are hiring security teams to handle their connected devices and provide IoT security.  

In this article, we’ll go over the latest 2020 cybersecurity trends as well as IoT development trends, just so you know how you can implement them within your company. However, first, let’s go through the IoT system and cybersecurity in general. 

What Is IoT?

What Is IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the system of connected machines and computers where data transfers are performed without any humans involved in the process of giving out orders and directions. From the application of the first IoT technologies, up until today, IoT has seen some major changes. In fact, the evolution of the IoT came into life due to machine learning, real time data analytics, commodity sensors, and embedded systems. 

When it comes to looking at the IoT market in general, we can see that IoT technologies correspond with the term “smart homes”. A smart home includes all the appliances and devices that are mutually connected and can be controlled by a smartphone. Nevertheless, IoT doesn’t have to be tied to smart homes only. It has application in several different industries. So, here are some of the latest IoT trends in some of the top industries.

IoT trends in manufacturing

With the help of industrial IoT, heavy industries can control all the processes, improve the workflow, and easily spot weaknesses or inefficiencies. The application of IoT in manufacturing results with the following improvements: inventory management, production maintenance, industrial big data analytics, etc.

IoT trends in healthcare

The interconnectedness of the IoT operating systems enables smarter, more remote functions in the healthcare industry. Therefore, some of the sections where IoT is applied in healthcare are the following:

  • Patient monitoring with the help of connected wearable devices that have built-in sensors to track the patient’s condition.
  • The pairing of mobile apps and IoT devices to prevent and monitor diseases.
  • Optimizing daily operations in hospitals concerning medical equipment and customer service.

IoT trends in the transportation and logistics industry

The application of IoT in the transportation and logistics industry keeps on growing. Just a few of the perks that transportation companies will enjoy whenever IoT is implemented in their daily work are:

  • Predictive maintenance according to the diagnosis that is based on the automotive IoT
  • Cargo monitoring
  • Transportation telematics including vehicle-to-vehicle communication

The Importance of IoT Security

The Importance of IoT security

Smart homes, smart buildings, self-driving cars, are just some of the types of IoT features that are gradually becoming a part of our daily life. However, since IoT is basically about interconnecting several devices into one system, it has great potential to be hacked. Also, IoT systems are quite a target for hackers because of the amount of data that will be breached in an attack. 

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When it comes to IoT, security is key. Every single object that is interconnected should be secure because if there is a flaw in any of the connected objects, the whole system could be hacked. After an attack, there will be issues in efficiency, functionality, and also manipulation with digital data.

So, to stay on top of the game and keep your IoT secure, free from cyberattacks, some of the trends you should pay attention to are the following:

Integration of Blockchain with IoT

Since security is a major issue with IoT, integrating blockchain will come as a natural alternative due to its transactional security potential. Also, the exchange of data and money on IoT devices will be supported by the simple infrastructure blockchain can offer them.

Just because the purpose of IoT is to make life easier, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get complicated in time. Actually, the generation of more personal data will exponentially grow, along with the interactions between machines. Therefore, blockchain will act as a distributor of a load of data at any time, while reducing the risk for data breaches to a minimum. 

Smart Cities Will Become Mainstream

To develop smart cities, IoT is the needed technology. The process of building smart governments and organizations with IoT is already a practice, due to the data that is accessible to citizens. 

What is more, the concept of smart cities also goes hand in hand with the concept of energy-saving and sustainability. It’s all due to the compact infrastructure and the savings up to 18% within smart buildings. Also, smart parking will lead to less traffic congestion and less air pollution. 

These are some of the main reasons why smart cities will become mainstream and also start to get more and more attention further on.

Empowering Edge Computing

Edge computing is the distributor of a load of data between devices. When compared to cloud computing, edge computing is better because of the low price and the speed of processing. In fact, the IoT devices collect and transfer a large amount of data that equals large bandwidth usage and also an increase in the cost. However, with edge computing, these issues are resolved because of the data processing on the IoT devices themselves, which doesn’t require any transfers to the cloud.

In 2020, as well as in the future, the shift towards edge computing has been evident. It’s all due to the affordability and practicality of edge computing which is more and more applied to IoT devices. 

So, are you ready to grasp what 2020 offers in terms of IoT and security trends? 

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