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how we used firebase for native android development

How We Built A Native Android App Using BaaS Solution

One of our teams is currently developing an Android version of our famous Interview Assistant Pro app (currently available on iOS only), a mobile solution for HR and recruitment specialists allowing them to schedule interviews with candidates, fully set up and monitor interview process, select pre-built or create custom questions and interview templates, record answers, etc. We faced the following issue on the project - the lack of resources; this issue is quite common amongst IT service providers who run a lot of clients' teams while having scarce resources for internal projects. To cut a long story short, we had not a single back-end developer on bench (they all were working on client projects) and didn't want to hire a freelancer or a full-time developer for this non-billable project.

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Python developers in Chicago

Some Cool Things You Can Do With Python

Python has taken over the developing space. In fact, it’s everywhere.
ux design

UX Design Triggers to Capture Users and Improve Sales

Can you guess a way to a successful design of your web or mobile product? One that will help you get much bang for the buck when marketing your site or app to end users?
Fitness Bracelets and Activity Trackers

How Wearables Work: Fitness Bracelets and Activity Trackers

Wearable gadgets have flown into our everyday life in the recent months and, despite many expert predictions that 2014 will not become the year of wearables, it's clear as day that wearable technology is here to stay forever. Smart fitness bracelets, smart watches and smart glasses are going mainstream gradually yet confidently, and will inevitably become commodity products soon just like smartphones and tablets.

NewsCastic: Intersog Becomes Web and Mobile Development Partner for Ski Nation, Inc

NewsCastic picks up our press release announcing app development partnership with Ski Nation, Inc.
estimate project development in Chicago

How to Estimate Software Development Project In Man-Hours Realistically

For many custom development service providers calculating man-hours required to complete a software development project is a rocket science and a huge pain in the neck. As a rule, rough man-hour estimations that clients receive from developers is a far cry from the actually spent hours, which results in overheads and unhappy clients who don't trust their provider and believe they add up hours to make more money from their project. In fact, that's not true in most of cases! Today, we're facing a tough competition for price points and software development providers rarely blow up client's budget in order to win and retain them.
iOS & Android App Development Cost in 2015

Cost of Application Development: iOS vs Android

According to Google Trends, "app development cost" is one of today's most popular search terms in the United States and UK, with regional interest rates reaching 100 and 94 respectively.   Since iOS and Android are indisputably the two major mobile ecosystems as of now, let's see what makes up the app development cost for each of them, and how it can actually be reduced.

12 Best Practices of Using NodeJS For Web App Development

The open source cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment Node.js has been used to develop a wide variety of server applications and tools.

How to Work Properly With BT LE On Android

Bluetooth Low Energy (BT LE) is a key technology for the IoT world.

Some Cool Things You Can Do With Python

Python has taken over the developing space.

How to Create and Run a Unit Test In AngularJS

Introduction "A unit test is a piece of a code (usually a method) that invokes another piece of code and checks the correctness of some assumptions afterward.

Programming Languages Ranking As Of January 2017

The largest online community of Ukrainian geeks, DOU has just published interim results of their ongoing programming languages survey and this is my English translation of its main takeaways and results as of January 2017.

Changing Trends in iOS Application Development

Apple is entering exciting and turbulent times and iOS for mobile and other digital devices is no exception.

How To Choose The Right Tech Stack For Your Software Development Project

No secret that choosing the right technologies, platforms and programming languages for your upcoming development project can be a real challenge.