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Programming Languages Rating As Of January 2016

The largest online community of Ukrainian IT specialists, DOU has just released findings of its 2016 programming languages survey based on the poll of over 6,000 software developers and QA engineers.

Key survey takeaways are:

  • In Ukraine, Java remains the most popular programming language used on most of client projects
  • JavaScript makes it to Top 3 languages and leaves PHP behind
  • Scala usage has increased dramatically
  • Objective-C still accounts for 80%, while Swift accounts for 20% of iOS application development

The main trend of the latest survey is that JavaScript is now in Top 3 most used programming languages. It means the era of PHP usage in web development is passing and rookies should focus more on mastering their JavaScript skills in order to get involved with the outsourced projects. Also, market share of Python is growing which is due to the rapidly growing role of Big Data / data science that traditionally uses Python as a merger language. Despite many predictions and expectations, Swift hasn't yet been able to shift Objective-C from the pedestal and is only used by 20% of mobile developers polled.

Compared to the previous year, JavaScript, Ruby and Swift have seen significant changes in their rating. Yet, compared to the year before, such traditional languages as C#, C++, Objective-C, ActionScript, and Perl have lost their leading positions in the rating.

See details in the infographic below:


most popular languages 2016

An interesting finding is that developers coding in Perl do consider migrating to JavaScript and PHP during 2016, while PHP developers are looking forward to migrating to JavaScript (10%), Java and Python (8%), and Ruby and Go (3-4%).

60% of PHP developers admit no plans to migrate to a different programming language in 2016.

Further, the most mature web developers are programming in R (the median age - 34), while junior developers like CoffeeScript the most.

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