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An IT Recruiter’s Tips to Find Perfect App Developers for Hire

Do you want to have a top-rated, valuable app that breaks the records on the app store? - Great! Now, all you have to do is get an app developer to build it for you.

When it comes to finding mobile app developers for hire, we can say that once you get the right ones for your project, you’ve hit the jackpot. In general, even finding developers can be adamant for recruiters because of the talent shortage of around 700,000 developers. As a result, 67% of CIOs in 2019 claimed that due to the skills shortage their companies were unable to keep up with the tech changes.

How to hire a software developer
A video guide for tech recruiters

When it comes to finding the right developers to create a particular mobile application, businesses should have in mind the type of app they want and go for a suitable mobile app developer accordingly. There are three types of app developers: Apple iOS, Google Android developers and HTML5 for Web Apps. Therefore, an app idea can be turned into reality by the right mobile app developer who will build an iOS app, android app or a web app for you. 

So, if your company is facing a challenge in hiring an app developer, we share with you a short guide on how to hire developers who will help build a mobile application providing the user experience you want to obtain. Make sure to implement the key points into your recruitment strategy. You may also want to use this checklist for hiring software developers.

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The Importance of Writing a Proper Job Description

Investing some time in rewriting your job description can increase your talent pool access. Here are the rules that come along a good job description:

  • The focus in the job description should be on the essentials - Setting up high expectations and qualifications in the job description will narrow down the number of candidates that will apply for the job. And with the scarcity and value of dedicated app developers for hire, you shouldn’t risk it. Don’t create an endless list of requirements because you’ll get a low turnout.
  • Encourage developers to apply! - If the software developer can acquire some skills with the job training, mention that. The encouragement can also come in choosing the right words for the job description. Therefore, instead of having a “Requirements” section, you can go for the option “Preferred Skills and Experience”.
  • Attract the already employed app developers - Through your job description, you have a chance to attract previously employed developers who aren’t satisfied with their jobs. That’s why you should speak up about the perks that a top programmer would get if they choose to work for you. Some of the perks that you should include in the intro are remote work, free training, flexible hours, etc.
  • What skills do you require? - As mentioned, you can’t expect that a know-it-all person will fill in every actual job position that is needed in mobile development. You have to state the exact skills that you’d want a developer to have. Also, would you hire a freelancer for the position? Applicants should know whether a freelance app developer is welcome to apply for the job, or you’re looking for a full-time employee.
The Importance of Writing a Proper Job Description

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an App Developer?

According to the data provided by PayScale, the average annual salary of a US iOS or Android developer is about $82,000. Both iOS and Android US developers are earning a similar yearly amount, even though it seems that iOS developers are harder to get to and more in demand. Before making a job search, you should pin down the target market and then decide whether you will need a developer for Apple or Android. 

If you feel discouraged when it comes to the average salary that you have to set away for a developer, you can explore some alternative options. Due to the advance in technology, many companies are exploring the perks of remote work. It is an option to get to global talent for an affordable price. So, if you are a small business, or even an established corporation but want to save money, consider getting global tech experts. For instance, an iOS developer from Mexico will cost you $34,000 annually, which is two times less than hiring a developer from the USA.

Where Can You Source for Tech Talent?

Sometimes tech talent won’t come to you, because you should go and get them. In recruitment, this means that you should involve some out of the box alternatives. Consider the following options:

1. Team up with a Mobile Development Company

First of all, make sure you consider partnering up with a mobile app development company that already has access to exclusive developers’ communities. App building companies are also more rigorous in the candidate recruitment process in helping you find the right fit. 

There are some points that an app development company would require from app developers. For instance, an app development company has a track record of many potential app developers for your company. They also have experience evident in the list of apps built for successful companies. A mobile development company can also help you with the overall project management later on.

2. Get Referrals

Getting referrals from someone that is already on your team can help you get to a quality and trusted candidate easier. That’s the reason why you should consider sharing all the open job positions with your team first.

3. Explore GitHub and Mine LinkedIn Groups

GitHub is a community for developers where you can join and post a job. This collaborative platform is a goldmine of talented open source developers. Other than GitHub, you can also join some developer groups on LinkedIn. For instance, in this case, the iOS developers’ group.

4. Attend a Hackathon

Hackathons are a great option to meet tech talent in person. Being present on such events will get you a chance to network, meet some tech experts and hunt app developers for your next project. There is also an option to sponsor or host a hackathon if you think that this is the way to go when recruiting candidates.

Where Can You Source for Tech Talent

Now that you have an insight into the recruitment process from an IT perspective, it’s time to invest some time and resources in the search. We hope that you’ll find the best app developers!

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