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Intersog Becomes Media Partner of Media Hack Weekend By Future Media Lab

We're excited to announce that Intersog teams up with Future Media Lab to support Ukraine's biggest Hackathon ever during Media Hack Weekend of October 16-18, 2015.

Organized by 1+1 Media channel within their Future Media Lab project, the Hackathon will gather over 400 software developers and digital media specialists, mentors and entrepreneurs that will generate ideas of how the future of digital media will look like and bring some of them to life.

Participants will work in teams of 5-8 people over the entire weekend in order to develop their media projects under the supervision of mentors - the best professionals in the fields of media and technology. Mentors will guide participants through development process and share input on idea feasibility, commercial potential, etc.

Participants of Media Hack Weekend will get a unique experience and independent evaluation of their achievements, develop ways to implement their innovative ideas, discover how to transform the idea into a successful business, and more. The best ideas are going to be implemented with the support of 1+1 Media channel and its partners.

"This Hackathon is about technological media products and those products that have a potential for synergy with media business and brands," says Pavlo Pedenko, Head of Future Media Lab project and web dev department at 1+1 Media. "Systems of online media analytics, e-commerce projects in different niches, services, Smart TV applications, VR content and other projects – we are open for innovations and are ready to encourage their creation."

Commenting on the media partnership, Kate Drobot, Intersog's Brand Manager, says:

"Intersog's motto is Riding Technology's Wave and we do our best to implement our brand development strategy with this consideration. Based out of Chicago, Intersog runs most of our operations in Ukraine and we believe Ukrainian software developers are really some of the best specialists globally known for delivering high quality code and innovative ideas. Ukrainian startups are world famous for developing some of the world's most cutting-edge technologies used by many multinational technology giants such as SnapChat, Apple and others. We're going to support the upcoming Media Hack Weekend for the only purpose - help bring innovative idea generation and development of Ukrainian digital media industry to the next maturity and quality levels in order to make Ukraine a more tech advanced nation."

To learn more about the Hackathon and register to participate, please visit the Future Media Lab project's website.

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