Ukraine: Ground Floor Opportunity

Horizon Capital, a private equity fund that manages investments in mid-cap companies with solid growth potential in Ukraine, has recently released their presentation called Ukraine: Ground Floor Opportunity. In it, the authors compare Ukraine's Soviet legacy governments of the past with Ukraine's technocrat and Pro-European government of today, provides overview of Ukraine's public finance, energy sector, ICT, and demonstrates why Ukraine ranks:

  •  #1 IT Engineering force in Europe
  • #13 globally by science and technology parameters reported to GDP
  • #41 by university research quality

View the presentation below for great insights into Ukraine's ICT and resource economy and why it is a perfect destination for outsourcing development of computer vision technology, data security, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), NLP, human computer interaction (HCI), computational and business intelligence, and more.

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Vik is our Brand Journalist and Head of Online Marketing / PR with 11+ years of international experience in IT B2B. He's also a guest blog contributor to Business2community, SitePoint, Journal of mHealth, Wearable Valley and other IT portals.