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PHP vs Java for Web Development: Which One to Choose in 2021

In this article, we’ll make a comparison of Java and PHP which are both trending for 2020.

Now more than ever we are witnesses of the immense interest and spike of online businesses. However, what is the reason for it? Can you guess? - Yes, it mostly revolves around the pandemic due to COVID-19. Businesses are eager to transfer their services or products online, and websites are their portal. 

As a result, there is an essential need for web developers for making this shift to the virtual world possible. This goes hand in hand with the introduction of developers within every single industry, while businesses are facing a global shortage of developers. Having this in mind, you can imagine the high value of developers, which will keep on rising. 

Therefore, going into web development is one of the ways to secure yourself a stable future. However, what can make you question is the need to choose among the most popular programming languages. In the wide pool of coding languages, which one is going to help you swim up to the surface and stay there?

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To make things easier for yourself, first of all, decide which part of web development you’re going to work into full stack development, front end development, machine learning, web applications, mobile apps, etc? Later on, you can go on and pick one of the web development languages out there. 

In this article, we’ll make a comparison of Java and PHP which are both trending for 2020. You’ll also get community support for both, by having access to endless materials and tutorials online. Check the perks that these two programming languages can offer you.

What Do You Need to Know About Java?

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Java has been the number one choice of developers in the last 20 years. The cross-platform compatibility of Java has been just one of the reasons for it. Another reason for its vast application and usage is the fact that Java development is easy to learn. 

Java is also a client side, object oriented language that is known for its flexibility. It’s a perfect representation of the Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) approach. This is easily applicable by the installation of the Java virtual machine (JVM), enabling computers to run Java programs. Java is ideal for bigger projects due to the debugging tools and the richer sets of APIs. 

Let’s Talk PHP

PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is an open source, scripting language that quickly and efficiently develops dynamic web pages. PHP was launched in 1995, as a contrast for Python and Ruby. It’s popular for its range of web frameworks and cost-effective solutions. 

Its integration in smaller applications and the cost-cutting opportunities it offers, make PHP be a high level of interest to businesses. As a result, you might consider the value that a PHP developer can bring to the industry. 


Now, that you know the basics of Java and PHP, let’s find out which one is going to be the right option for you.

PHP doesn’t have the concept of reflection, except for PHP 5.0Java’s reflection concepts are interfaces, reusable classes, methods, etc.
It is weakly and dynamically typed.It is strong and statically typed.
Has no mechanism to implement threads. Provides a mechanism to implement threads.
It is a server-side language. Java is both a server-side and desktop programming language. 
Page loading speed is faster than Java.Page loading speed is complex and slow.
Low cost and easy availability.High cost compared to PHP.
It is popular for page design tools like WordPress and Drupal.Popular for business logic tools.

Performance and Speed of PHP and Java

For building enterprise applications, where performance and speed are highly important factors, Java is the top choice. In theory, Java should be faster, because it’s precompiled. However, in practice, PHP sites use fewer resources and run faster. Sometimes that’s up to the straightforward approach that PHP developers are taking. 

Which Language Equals Security?

We all know that security is one of the greatest assets to a web application. Nowadays, web applications are more susceptible to malware attacks and security comes from the very process of building an application. 

When compared to PHP, Java has a better security reputation, by ticking all the boxes when it comes to the security patterns. This is why Java is one of the top choices for high-end protection of enterprise applications. 

Does Java or PHP Have a Brighter Future? 

Among the 700 programming languages out there, Java and PHP are highly popular. However, which one of these two has a brighter future to stay on the market and cope with the latest technologies? 

When we take features such as security, growth, rich language features, accessibility, etc. we have to say that choosing Java will enable continued advancement for any company’s website. Also, even though Java is a more costly alternative, it still is one of the most demanding programming languages by developers. 

So, do you already have a preference when it comes to the right programming language when developing? Which programming language works best for you? Would you choose PHP or Java considering the features that each one of those can offer you?

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