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Mobile UX Design Checklist

Every dollar invested in the ease of use returns $10 to $100 - remember this rule of thumb? It works just well as far as your mobile UX design is concerned. When you invest in development of a mobile app or site, don't forget that great UX design is one of the key factors that will influence your product's success in terms of visitor traffic, conversion rate, user loyalty, social engagement, and profitability.

So, in short, what makes your mobile UX great?

  • Usefulness (how can it improve your user life / make tasks easier?)
  • Usability (is it easy to use?)
  • Desirability (does it provide any emotional attachment?)
  • Accessibility (what’s your mobile site's / app's load time? Do users find easily what they’re looking for in your app / on your mobile site?)
  • Credibility (do you use any design elements that make users believe in what you’re actually telling them with your mobile product?)

We’ve just created this Mobile UX Design Checklist to help you determine whether you’re moving in the right direction when designing UX for your app or mobile site.

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