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Main Tech Roles You'll Need On Your Data Analytics Team

Data science seems to be one of the hottest areas for innovation to disrupt various business domains these days, and while data-driven approaches are finding their way into each of those domains, companies are already fighting for Big Data talent in order to make better Business Intelligence (BI) based decisions.

Companies' increased focus on acquiring data analytics specialists is in line with the creation of a whole new set of Big Data roles and responsibilities. I've taken a look at the pool of data job postings to see what roles are most sought after by big name companies and compare their average cost in the United States and Ukraine, Eastern Europe's leading hub for data science outsourcing.

Role Responsibilities Skills Languages /
Availability in the US job market
Data scientist Clean and organize corporate Big Data Distributed computing (Hadoop)
Predictive modeling
Machine learning
Math & stats
SAS, R, Python, Spark,
Matlab, SQL, Hive
Very low
Data analyst Collect, process and analyze statistical data Spreadsheet tools (e.g. MS Excel)
SQL / NoSQL database systems
Machine learning
R, HTML, Python, JavaScript, SQL, C, C++ Medium
Data architect Create blueprints for data management systems to integrate, protect, centralize and maintain data sources Data warehousing
Database architecture
ETL, Excel, BI tools
Systems development
Data modeling
XML, SQL, Spark, Hive Medium
Data engineer Develop, test and maintain databases and large-scale processing systems SQL / NoSQL
Data modeling
Data warehousing
R, Matlab, SAS, SPSS, Java, Ruby, C++, Perl, SQL Medium
Database administrator Ensure database seamless performance and availability to all relevant users / stakeholders Backup and recovery
Data modeling and design
C#, Java, Ruby, SQL, Python, XML High
Data analytics manager Manage Big Data team(s) SQL / NoSQL
Tech leadership and PM
Data mining
Predictive modeling
SQL, R, SAS, Matlab, Java, Python Medium
Business analyst (BA) Improve business process by acting
as an intermediary between IT and business
MS Office
Data visualization
Data modeling
SQL High
Statistician Collect, analyze and interpret qualitative and quantitative data with statistical methods Statistics
Data mining
Machine learning
R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Matlab, Perl, SQL, Spark, Hive, Pig Medium

Now let's see how the average annual gross cost of these resources compares to that in Ukraine.

Role U.S. National Average,
$ / annum*
Ukraine's National Average,
$ / annum**
Data analyst 62,300  24,000
Data scientist 119,000  26,000
Data architect 100,200 26,000
Data engineer 96,000  30,000
Database administrator 67,700   26,400
Data analytics manager 117,000  36,000
Business analyst 66,000  26,000
Statistician 75,000  15,000

*Data source:

**Data source:

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