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How IoT Helps Cut Healthcare Costs

One of the main concerns in healthcare today is its costs on the actual services that are being calculated over and over again without any consolation. It is time and money-consuming and human error induces additional risks in prompt treatment. Therefore, the IoT in general and smart automatisation in particular may help solve most of these issues and the IoT solutions have already been playing their part in improving current situation for millions of patients and doctors. For instance, different wearables that measure heart rate, blood pressure, sugar levels in blood etc. and conveying the generated data through cloud-based applications straight to the doctor’s office within fractures of time have already been on the market for a while, helping out thousands of patients to prevent serious medical conditions entirely or catch them at an early stage phase.

What also matters a lot these days is the cost of eHealth software development. By having the ability to drive down costs of medical solution development, healthcare organizations / providers can optimize their cost level and add more robust features to their offering. For instance, one of our clients, a US-headquartered manufacturer of smart solutions for heart health, weight and blood pressure control, has managed to save up to 50% of their software development budget by using our offshore R&D Center!

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