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A Guide to Becoming a Full-Stack Developer

The tech guys get paid a lot,” we are sure you have heard this somewhere. Lately, the word developer has gained popularity. In fact, full-stack development has engaged more eyes in the past few years than ever. It is merely because a full-stack developer is more like an all-rounder, the one who knows both backend and frontend components of an application. 

Full-stack development is a niche field in the world of web development. This field basically deals with the processes that overlap between frontend and backend development. Relatively speaking, full-stack development is the next big thing that everyone is talking about. This is the main hero for any film, but there’s the rest of the cast too, right? If it was a one-man show, how many of us would watch it? Well, unless it’s Tom Cruise. 

Full-stack development, of course, is about producing end-to-end solutions, which is a great skill to have, but there is a lot that happens before an application is ready for the user. 

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While we are all familiar with the terms frontend and backend developers, let’s talk a little about them before we dive in. 


As the name suggests, the frontend is what a user sees and interacts within an application. A frontend developer is usually the person who does the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The person managing the development at the frontend will be responsible for the UI of the application. 

This is basically creating components and codes that ultimately produced the HTML that is able to make interactions with the users. A frontend developer will also eventually run into jQuery development. So while you set out to become a full-stack developer, you must know what you need to learn. However, for beginners, it is advisable to befriend the necessary HTML and CSS, first. These primary programming languages are not as interactive as JavaScript, but they are the stepping stones into full-stack development. 

Once you are done learning the programming basics, jump into the world of JavaScript development. To understand the front end of things, you must familiarize yourself with the bits and pieces of this language. This will define the basic framework of how items will appear to the user. This is also a vital part where you learn about React development and Vue.JS development, which are the most popular frameworks that produce the APIs for any modern app in this day and age. 


The backend, again, as the name displays is the supporting element for the frontend. More like a supporting actor that you see in the film. Backend is usually the APIs that the frontend uses to create interactive experiences for the end-user. So when we mentioned learning JavaScript above, this is what we were talking about. You will need to know the language to understand the fundamentals of the backend. 

Another popular language that you may want to learn is Python development, of course. There are other reliable options, too, like Ruby and PHP, and they are both existent in the job market. But they are not as popular as Python and JavaScript. So choose your pick wisely. 

Once you know what languages you are learning, the next step is to understand the cloud services that your applications use. At the end of the day, the backend is responsible for the fundamental dynamics of any app. 

The Cloud and DevOps

Another step towards becoming a full-stack developer is to create solutions that facilitate the coding process. In other words, speed up the process. This can be as small as creating a custom solution that is writing bash scripts or creating templates for an app. When we say templates, we mean CloudFormation templates, which basically automate the workflow.

This is where the Zeits and Netlifys of the world fit in. They come in, they help you set up and deploy a fully functioning endpoint for your backend and frontend. 

Where should you start? Well, start with setting up a React app, connect it with your Netlify account, and witness it work the wonder! 

Keep in mind, all these processes go way in deep, and we are just providing you a brief of the steps that come into becoming a full-stack developer. Should you be needing more help and guidance, you must refer to the sites like stack overflow or GitHub. 

Understanding Design

As a developer, while people will tell you that design is none of your concern, we would suggest otherwise. Simply because when you are developing an app, it’s designed is one of your worries about sure. And no, you do not have to be a graphic designer for it. But you definitely need to know the basics. 

The necessary design abilities can enhance your work as a developer at the end of the day. While you do not have to be a full-fledged UX designer whose job is to only make an app more appealing, the basic knowledge of design can only benefit you in the long run. Being able to understand an app’s interactive requirements from a design perspective will provide you with early on ideas that can avoid so much disappointment at the later stage. 

In fact, design can have a direct impact on conversion. Depending on the kind of app you are creating, the system can play a critical role in the creation process. The point is, if you begin to create something, you might as well familiarize yourself with all the aspects of its existence. 

Other Factors To Consider

While we have listed all the essential things to get you started on your voyage to becoming a full-stack developer, you should keep a few more things in mind: 

  • Learn how to effectively test code that not only smoothly runs the app but also prevents bugs. 
  • Make sure you learn how to debug your app in the browser. The popular suggestion is Chrome DevTools that will help you quickly identify where the bug is coming from.
  • Learn how to debug requests in the network panel. This will help you visualize your journey of app creation in a better way. 

All the above comes at a later stage, of course. But if you are meaning to become a full-stack developer, you might as well fully commit to it! 

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