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Intersog Teams Up With Looker To Help Businesses Deploy and Run a Successful Data Platform

We're excited to announce becoming a System Integrator and Consultant Partner of Looker, a new generation data analytics platform provider.

Looker brings data analysts and business teams together by making it easy for everyone to find, explore and understand the data that drives their business. Looker hires the best and brightest talent to build the best analytics platform for data-driven companies.

As a Consultant Partner, Intersog will assist both existing and future customers with deployment, tuning, and personnel training to help build data-driven organizations and make sure their Big Data and Analytics solution exceeds expectations and allows for leveraging the experience gained from hundreds of implementations, rapid data exploration, and acceleration of the learning curve for data modelers and explorers.

Taking advantage of the Looker ecosystem and state-of-the-art data solution, Intersog will make a huge effort to make business data culture real and pervasive.

If you're looking to turn your raw data into solid business intelligence, don't hesitate to contact Intersog for Looker deployment and customization solutions!

About Looker

Looker is an inventive software company that’s pioneering the next generation of business intelligence (BI). We believe that businesses can only thrive when data is consistently defined and easily accessible across the entire organization.

Looker's web-based platform powers the work of data analysts while fueling (and fulfilling) the business user’s curiosity. Looker is creating true discovery-driven businesses and unlocking the value of their data, one customer at a time.

Explore Looker at

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