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Intersog Partners With MMRA To Help Chicago Businesses Increase Their ROI In Mobile

Chicago, IL, April 28, 2015 - Chicago’s Top Mobile App Developer, Intersog is pleased to announce partnership with Mobile Marketing Research Association (MMRA). In the frames of this partnership, they will host a joint invite-only educational session for marketing executives based in Chicagoland.

This complimentary ‘Appy Hour event will take place in September 2015 (TBD) in Chicago Yacht Club and will target marketing executives interested in building from scratch or improving their current mobile marketing strategy.

In today’s volatile business environment it’s critical for organizations to accelerate action with mobile analytics,” says Margaret Dickman, Intersog’s Sales Director - North America. “We have identified key marketing executives with some of Chicago’s premier corporations and want to share with them the compelling reasons mobile devices are the platform of choice for engaging with any target audience and why defining user analytics upfront will be key to successful outcomes.

One of the key takeaways attendees will gain at the event is better understanding of omni-channel considerations and why data-driven mobile solutions are paramount for marketing innovation.

Commenting on the event, Mark Michelson, Executive Director of MMRA, says:

Unlike any other time in history, this is a device that is always on and always with you.  It allows the marketer unprecedented access to see what the user is doing passively as well as actively, so in essence you are always with your customer.  With permissions, you can see their location and their mobile activity and learn with greater detail your target’s interests and motivations.  By including direct questioning, diary keepers, and other subtle pull techniques, you have a constant collection mechanism in the mobile medium.  This is changing how we interact with the world at large.

‘Appy Hour will help Chicago’s global companies create real and effective tactics to reach such business goals as increased sales and user acquisition / loyalty, 360° feedback, brand elevation, and get appropriate ROI from their mobile investments.

For registration and more information, please go to the event's page.

About MMRA:

The MMRA is a global trade association dedicated to the promotion and development of professional standards and ethics for conducting marketing research on mobile devices. Read more at

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