Will Wearables Breathe New Life Into Fashion Industry?

There’s this video on YouTube that used to be an old 1930’s commercial, their take on what fashion would look like in the future. In the commercial/infomercial, they are modeling aluminum foil-looking clothes and big ol’ hairstyles that are “in”. It reminds me of something out of the Hunger Games movies. It’s really quite funny how farfetched the idea actually is, but in reality, it might not be so far off.

The fashion industry is changing with the implementation of technology. Most males in the U.S. are more tech-savvy and driven, however, there is quite a profit to be made on wearable tech in clothing and accessories, because much of it lies in a woman’s interest. Wearable tech in the form of clothing is coming in all shapes and sizes. Maybe it doesn’t look aluminum foil-y or alien-like, but it sure is cool.

Scarfs and dresses that can change colors based on your mood: think mood rings except with LED lights. Imagine going to a club and flaunting it off, flirting with the hottie in the corner all with LED lights. Sounds a bit silly, if you ask me, but if you’ve got money to spend it’s not such a bad idea. Let’s say, friends, you’ll be the “light” of the party (I know, bad joke).

With the creation of portable speakers all in the form of a clutch bag, you can whip that baby out when you want to turn up the heat at a house party, or play some classy jams at a cocktail club. Even classier is the athletic wear that monitors your pumping heart rate set in the form of a sports bra or a polo shirt while you’re playing tennis. There are also athletic pants that tell you, with an app, which muscles you’re favoring and how you could do more with your body while you’re exercising. Besides the fact that you can’t really look at your phone while you’re exercising, (unless of course you have Google Glass or Apple Watch) it’s a great idea with a little kinks to work out (haha, get it? “Work out”… Ok, I’ll stop).

The creation of wearable clothing has a big potential with monitoring people who, well, aren’t really people, just yet. I’m talking about babies, everyone. If you’re a parent, your child is your lifeline. They are under your care and protection for the ages. Thus, the smart pajamas for babies help keep a parental eye on the well-being of your kid. You’ll be able to know if your baby is at a stable level he/she should be or if they need medical attention. It’ll alert you even when they’re sleeping.

Clothing that can charge your smart accessories? Uh… Yes! With the Apple Watch and other smartwatches gaining speed, but consequently losing battery life, rechargeable clothing will definitely come in handy. Especially when they’re actually using our environment to sustain smart devices. Say goodbye to the days of plugging in your phone, no more cord hassle! Clever, indeed.

Speaking of environment, it would be great to say that wearable fashion is creating better living environments and protecting the earth as we live in it. Good news, there’s a bracelet that actually puffs out clean air in an urban area. Breathing in that smog and secondhand smoke? Nope, not anymore. I got me a clean oxygen bubble!

With the implementation of wearable glasses, watches and other accessories, there is definitely a rise in wearable clothing. Let’s reimagine the tech world as we see it: wearables are no longer just a “trend”. With the increase of demand and practicality and eventually, when price is affordable, wearables will be on every body, every arm, everywhere. Get your ideas pumping! There is a lot of room for innovation.



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