Wearable Tech & IoT Israel: Wrap-Up

Our COO Kate Goldberg and I have just had great time at Wearable Tech & IoT Israel (WTIL), a conference and expo organized by Gizworld and dedicated to innovative startups specialized in wearable tech and IoT solutions. The event has gathered both startups and investors, and set solid ground for knowledge sharing, networking, ideas pitching, and media outreach. Some of the trending topics discussed really struck a nerve within the audience, especially those relating to virtual reality, use of wearables in healthcare and sports, IoT threats, challenges and opportunities. I've actually got the impression that Israeli companies are ahead of the curve as far as innovation in wearable and embeddable tech is concerned. Unlike many countries that are still over-cautious about technology innovation, Israel picks up steam as IoT and wearables are penetrating our daily routine.

Here's my summary of some cool and interesting thoughts we've heard:




And here's our video footage of the event!

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