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Online Casino Development Checklist

As estimated in May 2014, online casino accounts for 21% of the Global iGaming Gross Win, followed by poker (12%) and bingo (6%). After online betting (47% of the Gross Win), the virtual online casino comes to be the second most popular eGambling activity on the Internet, and user demands for more technologically advanced dedicated online casino sites are growing within the gamer community globally.

Blended with the mobile betting that has grown exponentially in recent years to account for more than half of many operators' turnover, the online casino seems to be a promising product of the future - many operators are yet to find an edge in a highly competitive eGambling environment with cutting-edge web and mobile casino solutions.

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Yet, online casino development is a far cry from any other software development, since the operator is obliged to meet strict gambling requirements of different regulatory jurisdictions which differ from country to country. For instance, online casino products should be able to promptly identify player's real-time location, or tightly integrate with the regulator database in order to verify player's identity. Some regulations also require that the operator enforces deposit limits or controls player's maximum loss within a specific timeframe.

Drawn from best practices of building white label iGaming solutions, here's a Checklist of the key considerations and features you should keep in mind when planning your online casino product development.

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I. Online Casino Components:

  1. Casino Website

    1. Campaign ID router
    2. Affiliate ID router
    3. Outbound links to gaming interface
    4. Auto-generated links for game previews
    5. Language selector
  2. Gaming Interface

    1. Casino Lobby
    2. Player zone (user account management)
    3. Gaming engine (e.g., backjack 21 games, slots, poker, roulette, bingo)
    4. Cashier (for deposits, payouts and bonuses)
    5. Splash screens
  3. Casino Backend

    1. Casino configurations
      1. Languages
      2. Currencies
      3. Frontend messaging
      4. Templates (e.g., email, content)
      5. Game portfolio setup
      6. Entity and identity
    2. Database manager
    3. Statistics manager (e.g., standard and custom reports)
    4. Player management
    5. Payment gateways (e.g., PaysafeCard, Moneybookers, Credit cards, bank wire, etc)
  4. Affiliate Backend

    1. Affiliate and sub-affiliate accounts
    2. Marketing
      1. Banners
      2. Links
    3. Affiliate data exports (as .csv)
    4. Affiliate invoice management
  5. Campaign server

    1. Real-time player messaging
    2. Automatic bonus offering
    3. Event triggered emails
  6. Emailing system (e.g., email accounts for product owner, casino manager, affiliate manager; push notifications, etc)

  7. Anti-fraud system

  8. Helpdesk

    1. Knowledge base
    2. Tickets
    3. Live chat

II. Must-Have Online Casino Website Features

  1. Consistent branding (your company logo and/or tagline throughout all software modules)
  2. Instant play game technology (i.e. no software installation, just click and play)
  3. Multi-language and multi-currency support
  4. Specific bonus offers in the form of website banners, text links, etc
  5. Support of all popular payment methods
  6. Player login
  7. High-quality graphics to ensure a professional games appearance
  8. Animations and 3D rendering to add a specific twist to your casino games
  9. Flexible resizing to let your game window adjust dynamically to all available screen resolutions
  10. 3 gameplay modes: free play, fun play (registration required) and real play (signup required)
  11. In-game registration through a pop-up window to ensure a higher conversion
  12. In-game deposits to make it easy for players to stay in the game
  13. Direct game linking for affiliates to send traffic directly to specific games to increase conversions
  14. Cookie free gaming to increase stability and accessibility from all major browsers
  15. XML game feed to facilitate game implementation on webpages
  16. Real-time monitoring to ensure a higher level of game's availability

Of course, this is just a very basic list of components and features required for UX design and front-end / back-end development of a modern online casino.

As a rule, casino software development accounts for up to 40% of your overall online casino budget, with software support at the post-release stage reaching up to 10-15% of your casino management expenses.

If you're looking to create a detailed online casino development project specification and reduce your software development budget for the sake of your product's better marketing and promotion, I recommend you to attend a special workshop on this.

Data source: iGaming Business, issue 86, May/June 2014

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