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Mobile Event Management Apps – More than Just Ticketing

While developing mobile event ticketing software, most of the event management companies only think about the ways to engage attendees. How can people buy the tickets? Can ticket buyers view their seats? Can they upload images directly from the event? It is good that you are planning to give great features to the ticket buyers, but what about the other stakeholders? Does your app offer any benefits to speakers, sponsors and exhibitors?

Event Speakers

If you are organizing a business seminar or educational event, people will come to the event because of the speakers you'll be featuring. The speakers are your biggest USP and, thus, your app must provide them with something to keep the audience glued. You can always request the speakers to remind the audience about your mobile app development in their opening remarks and increase app download, but that is not all. Think about something creative. For example, your app can deliver a questionnaire directly related to the subject of their speech. You can create the questionnaire after thorough discussion with the speakers so that they feel involved.

If it is a day-long event with 2 or more parallel sessions, you should ask the speakers to upload their presentations or extracts in advance to let your ticket buyers decide which sessions would best meet their needs. This is beneficial for both speakers and ticket buyers, as spreading the news early allows attraction of more event attendees.

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Like speakers, exhibitors at a trade fair or business event should get an opportunity to promote their products/services via the app. There can be a separate “exhibitors” section in your app where they can announce lucrative incentives to attract people to their booths.

There can also be a “refer to your friend” option so that ticket buyers can help exhibitors get new leads. Exhibitors invest in your event and help you run your business. Therefore, it is crucial to help them attract new clients. When they see you are providing some good value-added service through your app, they will participate in your event year after year.


Mobile app gives sponsors a new platform to promote their products and services. Beside banners and billboards at the event venue, they can now reach every individual ticket buyer through in-app ads. The ads give their brand direct exposure to the exact target audience and increase their sales figures directly. Suppose a sponsor sells software and gives ads in your app. The users can click on the app to reach the site of the app development companies and complete the purchase directly from the smartphone/tablet.

Create a report explaining the business opportunities and exposure your app can provide and share it with your sponsors to make them feel comfortable with their investment. As the CTR rate of ads is measurable, sponsors can easily calculate their ROI.

Always consider organizing a training session for speakers, exhibitors and sponsors to teach them how your app works and explain what functions can benefit them best of all. This way, they will feel like part of your team and will be eager to use the app for business leverage. Take their feedback after the training session to answer all the queries and doubts. If they give some good suggestions, consider them seriously because if they are happy with your company, you will be able to establish a long-time professional relationship with them.

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