Medical Software Types and Examples

The past few years saw cutting-edge medical technology growing at a rapid-fire pace while completely revolutionizing the way people live and work. Apparently, the innovative technology solutions have made a substantial effect on how medical software addresses needs of all healthcare stakeholders.

Medical Simulation Technology

Medical simulation provides an inexpensive and risk-free way to test changes ranging from a "simple" revision of an existing product line to emulation of a new control system or redesign of an entire supply chain. Among the most successful medical simulation products of today are:

  • Simio is a flexible object-oriented application allowing to build models by means of intuitive objects in order to illustrate difficult situations with drag and drop ease.
  • Simulationiq is an operating platform merging together all the healthcare programs, people and processes. It has a user-friendly navigation, saves time and improves clinical lasting results.

Medical Research Software

It encompasses a wide spectrum of tools for various medical domains. Some examples of medical research tools are:

  • CODEX gains access to processed and curated NGS experiments, including ChIP-Seq (transcription factors and histones), RNA-Seq and DNase-Seq.
  • WHO Global Database on Anaemia is the database on anaemia that consists of country specific data on predominance of anaemia and mean haemoglobin concentrations.
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Medical Equipment Planning Software

Medical Equipment Planning Software is often identified as similar to the space-planning process. During master-space programming, Medical equipment planning input is helpful, particularly when a project comprehends technology-intensive areas such as radiology or surgery.

  • Building information modeling (BIM) is a digital design tool that provides an opportunity for design teams, contractors and hospital staff to share their knowledge and experience regarding design and construction of healthcare facilities.
  • GBA (Gene Burton & Associates) is a custom medical application that contains critical data elements that can't be found in off-the-shelf software with a 24/7 accessibility

Medical Database Software

One of the challenges with medical databases is how to manage the amount of patient data and medical images without too many screens. These tools can help:

  • Seven is a feature-rich application for medical office - practice administration featuring full integration with Microsoft Office. Designed for small-sized medical practices (2-10 users), "Seven" is fast and easy-to-use, it allows for real-time customization and excellent reporting features.
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software helps healthcare organizations eliminate irrelevant paperwork, enhance clinical efficiency and rectify care for patients.

31% of all physician visits are missed, causing a loss of up to 14% of a clinic’s total annual income. [source: Capterra]

Medical Appointment Scheduling

  • Sagenda is a free medical appointment scheduling software that makes it possible for patients to book a visit to their doctors and physicians. It is user-friendly to the fingernails and makes the process of appointment booking simple for both doctors and patients.
  • Appointy is a commonly used appointment scheduling tool on a plethora of different operating systems, available for iOS, Android, and Windows 8.

Medical Diagnostic Software

One of the initial diagnostics apps was developed in the 1970s by researchers from Pittsburgh University. It aimed at diagnosing complex problems in general internal medicine and resulted in a commercial program called Quick Medical Reference.

  • As of today, Isabel is the leading tool designed to produce a differential and medical diagnoses. Once symptoms are entered into the system, Isabel shortly returns a list of possible diagnoses.
  • Plenty of computer programs like DXplain allow the clinician to activate both patient symptoms and demographic information such as sex, age, race and geography. When a list of possible diagnoses is compiled, the doctor can click away for more information on each medical condition.

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