Interning at Intersog: Intersog-ship

The first thing I thought when I walked through the door at Intersog in Downtown Chicago was: “Sharp.” Yeah. This is a classy place indeed. Professional, most definitely, but very classy.

My first day here was an experience. I dressed up in professional business attire. I’ve always wanted to dress nicely for work, and besides working at a coffee shop (which is very hipster and everyone has tattoos) this was a breath of fresh air.

Intersog Chicago

People here are pretty friendly, and absolutely dedicated. I noticed on my first day that everyone here is a hard worker all the while jamming out to music which keeps them focused on the task at hand. This is something I value. Music, obviously, but the long haul to success. I consider myself a loyal hard-worker. If I like what I’m doing, and let’s be clear that I do, I will throw myself into it with a full-hearted work ethic.

When I found out that Intersog makes apps, I thought: who wouldn’t want to work here? Especially since this company is mainly based in the Ukraine, it’s even more compelling to be surrounded by people with Russian/Ukrainian dialects. I love the diversity, that’s one of the reasons why I moved to Chicago in the first place.

Not to toot our own horn here, or go over-board with flattery, but we’re the new entrepreneurs of this day and age. Mobile app development is in high-demand. Everything is going digital. Everything is going mobile. What an awesome place to work, when you know that you’ll be in business and in-demand for as long as there are smartphones around, and for as long as the “internet-of-things” keeps expanding and growing.

Considering my friends (yes, we’re the “millennials” as you say), we are constantly on our phones. Although some scientists argue that this is a game-changer in regards to our brains, the mobile app has progressed us in such a way that technology is completely reliant on the forward-thinking, tech-minded individual. Or rather, the individual is completely reliant on technology. Businesses have to operate as such nowadays. Banks have put out their own mobile applications, social media is completely monitored and produced on smartphones (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), productivity like budget managing and so-on surrounds our entire lifestyle. And don’t forget games! We all need that guilty pleasure in our life, too. Sometimes I wonder that if technology went down for a day, it’d be the start of the apocalypse...

Forward thinking. My generation, and generations to come are completely dedicated to technology. Up-and-coming, new, fast, interesting (and let’s not forget: healthy!) will forever compose the base for mobile app development. That is exactly what Intersog is doing: forward-thinking.

So again I say, Intersog is sharp. Classy. Professional. In a dull world surrounded by cheaply made things, Intersog is doing it the right way by creating cutting-edge technology solutions for the mobile app user.

To sum it all up, my Intersog-ship has been awesome.

Tech blogger with a creative side. She loves to write and contributes on a freelance basis. When not writing, she can be found at various comedy venues in Chicago.