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How Will Fitness Survive Technology’s Wave?

According to IBIS World, the fitness industry will continue to grow slowly over the next five years with revenues projected to increase. However in the midst of this, fitness gyms will have to find opportunities to connect with gym-goers. So while owners of gyms and manufacturers of fitness equipment do what they do best - keep people fit - Intersog will read the research and digest the data for readers to skim through and reference.

Fitness Consumer Trends and Facts

  • 42% of consumers want a wearable for their wrist

  • 62% of consumers would like a “lifestyle tracker”

  • Millennials are fans of engagement and gamification wearables / apps that award users

  • Baby boomers are becoming more health conscious thus signing up for club memberships and driving revenues to $30 billion in 2018

  • According to a recent research on the UK fitness tracking market, nearly 10 percent of the country's population (over 6 million people) are already tracking metrics like steps, fitness levels, and heart rate currently, and an estimated 13.1 million will be using health and fitness wearables in 2015

Gym Trends and Facts

  • 30,000 membership-based exercise facilities in the U.S.

  • Fitness centers will grow over the next five years

  • Technology should balance personal attention of gyms

  • 25% of health club members in the U.S. are over 55 and it’s the fastest-growing segment of health-club members since a study began in 1998 (17 years!)

Fitness Equipment Trends and Facts

  • The sales of fitness equipment have increased YOY since 2009

  • Functional Fitness: Everyday activities that are made easier through fitness

  • Equipment that monitors health maintenance, blood sugar, blood pressure and bone density monitoring are expected to double

By identifying technology opportunities the fitness industry has the opportunity to succeed if they can engage with the audience/trend that is going to impact their work. We're currently building an innovative fitness tracker app for our client, feel free to sign up below to get an alert once we publish a case story about it! Read about mobile app development.


Curious how fitness bands and activity trackers work? Check out our previous post on this.

Sources: IBIS World; MillennialMarketing; WT Vox; image - Qardio

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