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How VideoMedicine App Works

We've shot this demo to show you how one of the world's most disruptive telemedicine apps we've built for Video Medicine, Inc. works for patients.

For more details about the app, how it exceeds HIPAA security standards and why countries such as Brazil, China and Italy are in a hurry to deploy this world's first free-market mobile system, read my interview with Dr. Charles Butler, CEO and Founder of Video Medicine, Inc.

Check out a related article:

Are you looking to build a mobile health app? Read this blog about how to develop a safe and HIPAA compliant mobile app for eHealthcare.

Vik is our Brand Journalist and Head of Online Marketing / PR with 11+ years of international experience in IT B2B. He's also a guest blog contributor to Business2community, SitePoint, Journal of mHealth, Wearable Valley and other IT portals.

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