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Growth of Mobile Gambling and Subscriptions: 2010 - 2019

As you may know, gambling was one of the first industries to have moved to the mobile space some time ago. It all started with SMS lotteries followed by online slot machines developed for smartphones. Windsor Holden, Head of consultancy and forecasting at Juniper Research, says that today, handset penetration in Europe is around 125%-130%, in North America - close to 100%, and in China - close to 80%. Over 50% of population in Europe and the United States have a smartphone.

As mobile subscriptions increase globally, mobile gambling is set to develop at a super fast pace. Not to mention gadgets boom expected of wearables in the years to come. With 2 billion smartphones and 15 million smart glasses expected to be shipped per annum in 2018, do you still have any doubts that mobile gambling will skyrocket by the end of the forecast period? And when this happens  - will you be ready to enter the niche with your killer gambling app?

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Source: Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit Europe 2014; featured image - ShutterStock 

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