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[Webinar] How to Build Meaningful and Effective Dashboards with Looker

As Josh Elman, an investment partner at Greylock Partners, once said in his interview to TechCrunch, "There're people who just do instincts without data — maybe Jobs was great at that, maybe Zuck was for a while, maybe Evan Spiegel at Snapchat, but most people aren’t just naturally instinctive and perfect every time. The best product managers are what I call data aware, which is they are aware of all the data and what the stories are behind the data. You really want to look at your data and get back to all those individual anecdotes of what the actual people were doing. You want to go get enough anecdotes that help you understand the data in a better way."

It goes without saying that an efficient data dashboard can make all the difference in communicating critical information. Our partner company Looker held a webinar where their Field Analytics Manager and Director of UX explain why dashboards are important for any business today, what Big Data metrics really help and what metrics cause confusion and distract, and how to go beyond aesthetics to the design principles that add real value and lead to functional, effective data dashboards.

See recording of the joint webinar by Looker and Information Management magazine to find out how not to get lost in a data wilderness.

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