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No One Likes Getting Up At 3 AM To Fix Bugs, Or How To Be a Better Developer

In his 20+ years of writing professional software and overseeing software development processes as CTO and Silicon Valley advisor, our Chief Scientist Rob Grzywinski has learned some important lessons that he's recently shared with Intersogers and IT students during his visit to our R&D Centers in Ukraine.

If you want to become a better developer (and it's weird if you don't), consider following these tips from a recognized expert in Big Data & Analytics, AI and data-centric apps and a person behind a huge AdTech startup acquisition deal worth of over $100 million USD.

  • Code spends the majority of its lifetime in maintenance.  Write code so that it can be maintained!
  • Always think about these 3 things: Naming (to name it you have to understand it), Formatting (pick a style and follow it) and Documentation (create sufficient useful supporting docs).
  • Have a confirmation bias, i.e. the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.
  • When it comes down to code coverage, ask yourself the following questions:

Does 90% code coverage by tests mean that you miss 10% of the defects?

Does 100% code coverage mean that you miss 0% of the defects?

  • Think of software testing like trying to lose weight:

You don't try to lose weight by weighing yourself more often

What you eat before you step onto the scale determines how much you will weigh

  • To improve your software, don't test more, develop better!

IDE (learn it without the mouse)

Debugger (print statements are for babies :) )

Cloud Anything (spin up, do something, tear down)

Async / Threading (race conditions, debugging, etc.)

These are just some of them, you can learn more in SlideShare below:

And what are your tips for becoming a better developer?

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Vik is our Brand Journalist and Head of Online Marketing / PR with 11+ years of international experience in IT B2B. He's also a guest blog contributor to Business2community, SitePoint, Journal of mHealth, Wearable Valley and other IT portals.