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How to Cut Utility Bills and Save Environment With Mobile

Mobility and Big Data are on the verge today enabling things that were hard to implement less than decade ago. Since environmental protection and "green office" are some of the biggest concerns within many entrepreneurial communities, mobile definitely helps a great deal with solutions for environment saving, reduction of CO2 emissions and cost effective usage of natural resources and energy in enterprises.

That's true that most of today's eco-friendly mobile applications are faced with such challenges as the lack of common standards and IoT regulations, various deployment models, sensitive data safety, data precision, ongoing technology changes, intermittent connectivity and others. Yet, some are disruptive enough to enable green mindsets and allow enterprises for significant cost saving when it comes to energy consumption and waste elimination.

I've analyzed many smart mobile solutions for environmental protection and cost saving on utility bills, and have shortlisted 5 useful apps that will help you become a more eco-friendly organization and give away to your local community.

iGo Vampire Power Calculator

Do you know that most of devices in your office keep "sucking" power even when they are not in use while being plugged in?

Big Hill Software has developed the iGo Vampire Power Calculator to help calculate how much energy is being “vampired” from your office by appliances. The app provides a calculator, an energy quiz, conservation information and an augmented reality (AR) marker integrated with the web portal and smart power adapters designed specifically to reduce and eliminate your energy waste.


Posed an an energy management system of the 21st century, the Plugwise app promises to save you up to 30% of office / house energy, provide insights into power usage per building, room and device, and allow you to schedule device switching time.

CodeGreen Energy

The CodeGreen Energy App was developed by CodeGreen Solutions for the purpose of assisting real estate agents, building owners, tenants, and brokers with energy saving identification. You can examine power consumption of thousands of building directly from a smartphone app by just typing in a building address. The app provides comprehensive information about compliance with energy efficiency laws and regulations.

Morton Salt & Ice Control

The maintenance of office and adjacent territory is cost-based for your business and in most cases it's like paying thru the nose. The Morton Salt & Ice Control app Intersog has designed and developed for Morton Salt allows for rich data analysis and selection of the most optimal ice melting technique based on environmental conditions and surface area of your particular district or town.

Salt can have a drastic impact on our ability to get around safely in winter. It's the main mineral used to melt snow and ice, prevent the formation of bond between snow and pavement, and allow for ice-free and clear roads in a much faster way.


Ecoisme is one of the one-touch smart IoT solutions that takes care of all of your office devices at once. It will send you a friendly reminder to turn off the gadget after using it, to close а fridge door or even a window if you've forgotten to do so. With a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard you can track your office energy usage, single out office appliances, and choose the best ways for you to save energy.

What other eco-friendly apps and smart tools for reduction of energy consumption can you add to my list?

Lana is our Marketing Business Analyst that accepts Technology as the Well of Salvation