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How to Analyze Log Data With Spark and Looker

Our partner Looker that builds the cutting-edge analytics platform for data-driven companies hosted a webinar some time ago where Scott Hoover, Looker Data Scientist, and Daniel Mintz, Chief Data Evangelist, discuss the specifics of setting up a modern pipeline that collects, processes, and analyzes high-volume, machine-generated data.

Unlocking the value of log files has historically lived in the realm of batch processing. However, emerging technologies have dramatically reduced the latency of event pipelines and have improved interactive analysis and querying.

Topics covered include:

  • Popular collection mechanisms
  • Hands-on log-parsing example in Spark
  • How to utilize Looker to glean insights from event data

Analyzing Log Data with Spark and Looker from Looker
Alternatively, watch the recorded webinar on Looker!
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