Changing The World One Wearable At a Time

From virtual reality to bluetooth wrist speakers to watches, wearable technology is quickly growing in leaps and bounds.

When you think of wearable tech what probably comes to mind is the Apple Watch, FitBit, Google Glass, and others. But what you didn’t know is how beneficial wearable technology can be, besides the fact that it be a cool gadget, a luxury for entertainment, wearables can provide aid to those who need it the most.

Most days these gadgets are just fun toys to show off, but the capability of wearables and the apps that come with them are extraordinary. The main thing about wearable tech is the health factor. Individuals have been able to track their steps, what they’ve been eating, how long they’ve slept, how many miles they’ve run, etc.

But other than keeping us healthy, wearables have been shown to aid individuals who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, hearing impairment, and others.

A performance enhancer bracelet has helped people who’ve suffered from Parkinson’s disease, it has reduced pain, increased endurance, and helped people sleep better. A glove can aid physically impaired individuals to go about their daily routine with tech. Hearing impaired individuals have been aided by wearable tech hearing aids. The wearer is able to hear better by adjusting their hearing aids through an app in an almost “ninja way”. They can also answer phone calls they wouldn’t have heard otherwise.

The great thing is that all these wearables have apps that work directly with the wearable to aid the wearer. (So many w’s!). As more and more people jump on the bandwagon, the apps that are being created for these wearables are innovative, beneficial and practical. Why make an app or a wearable that is only there for flashy purposes? Why not create something that will aid humanity and increase the life of those with disabilities?

Wearable tech is gradually helping us go about our daily routine with more ease than we ever thought possible. In fact, wearable tech and apps are increasing life expectancy in third world countries. UNICEF and other organizations paired with businesses are looking into providing those third world communities apps and wearables that will aid in saving lives. This tech will be able to send out fire alerts to close knit villages, provide pregnant mothers with finding the right nourishment, and issue birth certificates to undocumented children.

Of course wearables are coming in all shapes and sizes. A necklace is integrated with an app on your phone to help save lives. For instance, if you are ever in any danger, you click the necklace twice and it automatically calls 911 for you and pinpoints your location. You are also able to share your location with contacts in your phone for a safe rendezvous. It’s super classy while providing security in the form of jewelry.

Right now, the only thing that prevents wearables from being “wearable” is price. Money is always a factor in tech and everything else, of course, so creating that innovative wearable or wearable app is always going to be an issue of price. But if you think outside the box, think beyond the cash, who knows what you could accomplish?

Yes, these wearables are changing the world. What can you do to be apart of the change? Create an app or wearable tech that is innovative and practical. What’s better than helping your fellow human being?

Making an app these days seems pretty simple. But making a great popular app is hard. Wearables are taking over, so come up with a practical idea to implement it into our society. See a need and fulfill it. Find a problem and solve it.

Pretty soon we’ll all be wearing technology in the form of clothing, accessories, shoes, and who knows what else, to maximize on the benefits that these wearable tech and apps provide. It’s just a matter of time.

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