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11 Famous Mobile Apps You Never Knew Were Hybrid

Imagine a day without using a mobile application. Pretty much impossible, isn’t it? Let’s talk about them. Mobile applications can be generally broken down into three categories, that is, native, hybrid, and web. An average user uses all the kinds, without knowing, of course. 

Each of these kinds possesses different features, advantages, and disadvantages as they are all aimed to create software solutions. While native and web apps are pretty famous in the market already, we have to talk about hybrid apps. They are said to combine the best of both worlds, after all. 

In fact, a report floated by Gartner said that about 50% of the apps will be hybrid deployed in the coming times. And why shouldn’t they be? They are gaining popularity as we speak. 

Hybrid apps are supposed to have outstanding performance, functionality, and interface, which has proven to be extremely helpful to users.

11 Hybrid Apps You Never Knew Were Hybrid


Gmail needs no introduction, after all. It is the most popular and known app in the world. In fact, Gmail is the perfect blend of native and web features combined into a hybrid app for a seamless experience for the users. It is important to note that this app was always written from the standpoint of a hybrid app.


Many people believe that Evernote is a native app. But to your surprise, its impeccable performance and a seamless interface result from it being a hybrid app. This app is one of the best examples of hybrid apps and everything they can accomplish. Designed to facilitate as much productivity as possible, this app also allows easy integration with multiple devices. 


Who doesn’t love Instagram? We all do. The reason Instagram is able to support all the data even in the offline mode with massive media is that it is a hybrid app. Interestingly, the owner of Instagram, Facebook, is still a native app. 


Is it safe to say that hybrid apps are ruling the world of social media? Maybe. Because some little birdy must have confessed that Twitter is a hybrid app too. Twitter is one of the platforms that enjoy heavy traffic every day. The app is able to manage this enormous amount of traffic across the globe is a testament that hybrid apps are the future. 


Hold the beer, Untappd is here. As much as we love that rhyming, we just wanted to let you know that this popular app about beers and breweries is also a hybrid app and a pretty good one at that. Not just beer, though, you can check out dining places and whatnot — all at your fingertips. 


Let us take you for a ride to the seamless performance wave on which Uber has been riding for a long time now. Uber has a record of loading at the fastest pace, and all of this is possible because it is, indeed, a hybrid app. 

Apple App Store

The apple app store is a hybrid app. This is why it has a seamless and easy interface. Please note that the app uses native elements for the top search and bottom navigation bar. 


JustWatch is an app like youtube, if you may. This all works like a search engine for online videos and streams them seamlessly. In fact, it supports multiple channels like Netflix, Hulu, and more. The reason this app is able to perform all these functions is that it is a hybrid app. 

Amazon App Store

The Amazon app store has been hybrid for the same many reasons mentioned above. They want their app to be seamless, and it’s the interface to be user-friendly. 


Sworkit is one of the noteworthy hybrid apps that exist in the fitness space. This iconic app runs both on iOS and Android. In fact, the developers of this app use a single codebase to make it compatible with all the other mobile operating systems too. There definitely is a reason why this app is used by 25 million people, after all. 


This app is famous for its high performance. It is used to track cryptocurrency. In fact, out of the top 100 apps for cryptocurrency, Cryptochange is renowned for being too prominent. And this is all because it is a hybrid app. 

The growing challenge for organizations creating these apps is whether to create a native app or an HTML5 app or simply drop the hybrid approach. All these choices, of course, come with their own set of pros and cons. It is important for brands and app developers to make sure what they are signing up for. 

In relation to hybrid apps, there is no denying that they are not gaining popularity with each day passing. It is a good idea for app developers to familiarise themselves with the deployment of hybrid apps and weigh their pros and cons. 

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