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What does it cost to start a game development studio?

The article discusses how proper use of IT staffing models can help halve costs needed to launch a small game development studio in the United States

Tips for Successful Keyword-Driven Automated Testing

This article describes the main benefits of using keyword-driven testing for automated testing.

Can Price Discrimination Work in Mobile Ecosystem?

Whether you are an app developer, a publisher, or a seller of offline products or services considering jumping into mobile space to sell more, mobile platform choice matters.

[Intersog Podcast #2] How to set up an effective offsite Agile development team

Find out how to build trust, confidence, collaborative mindset and shared product vision within and/or between your Agile development teams

Game Industry 2013: What Game Developers Need to Know About Their Audience

Today game industry is among the most rapidly growing sectors worldwide. The number of game developers increases every year as well as the consumer spend on video and computer game

How to Enter German Market for IT and Business Services

Chief Editor of The Outsourcing Journal shares his tips on how a foreign IT service provider can effectively enter the German speaking markets.

Sitepoint: Create a Killer Mobile App Development Spec

See how to create an effective specification for your app development project

MBA Learning Solutions By Intersog Is Recognized As The Best Project Management App for iPad

Intersog's MBA Learning Solutions app is listed among the best project management apps for iPad by AppPicker.

Ukrainian IT Salaries: May-June 2013

Check out the most up-to-date IT salaries in Ukraine, including breakdown by skills, English language proficiency, seniority levels, etc.

Web Development for Web Designers

Can one person be both a web developer and a web designer?

Two of Intersog’s business communication apps gain recognition from app review sites

Intersog mobile development company is pleased to announce that two of our business communication apps have recently been reviewed and rated high by AppPicker and BusinessBee. ...

Mobile Applications as an Advertising Opportunity

Providing ads as part of mobile applications creates new revenue streams for application publishers, distributors and service providers. These revenues may be used to partially or