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The Client

Preen.Me is an Israeli fashion retail startup aiming to become the leading destination for all things beauty and transform how women shop for beauty products. Preen.Me personalizes recommendations based on each user’s social graph and crowdsourcing.

The Client’s Challenge

Preen.Me was looking to build a responsive web application using modern frameworks and technologies that would provide an environment to assist users in making beauty decisions and serve as a social hub for digital beauty content.

Having met Intersog at a huge IT trade show in Tel Aviv, Preen.Me further evaluated our experience, offshore capabilities, and technology expertise and eventually chose Intersog as their primary software development partner.


Intersog’s HR consultants performed initial candidates screening and submitted the best matching applicants to Product Owners for interview and assessment. Having got the Client’s approval for hiring, Intersog built a Collaborative Software Development team for Preen.Me in our Kyiv-based R&D Center. The team was comprised of a Project Manager and a Python developer. Additional resources were added to the team on a temporary basis upon request throughout the project.

It took the Intersog-hosted team 4 months to deliver a full-fledged responsive web solution for Preen.Me.

Languages used:

Python - primary web application coding
Java - product import
Ruby - Amazon web search
Shell script - build / dev

Preen.Me primarily uses Angular.js on the client side, although some legacy components also extensively use jQuery.

Essential web app’s features and functions:

  • Assistance in purchasing a beauty product
  • Search for beauty recommendations
  • Browsing beauty trends
  • Exploring or filtering content with a specific goal, such as finding inspiration
  • Sharing user-generated beauty content with others, often hoping to go "viral"
  • Discovering talent within the online beauty community
  • Talking and networking with other beauty lovers
  • Watching, reading, and following tutorials for beauty
  • Learning and discovering beauty tips and techniques
  • All reporting is done through Google BigQuery, Map/Reduce, and MS Excel.

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